A New Combination Proves Itself in Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes


Question 2. The rationale for combination therapy with SGLT2 inhibitor and a DPP-4 inhibitor is based on:

A. Increased bioavailability of both drugs when administered together.
B. Less glucose production in the presence of a DPP-4 inhibitor in response to the glucosuria produced by SGLT2 inhibition
C. Increased affinity of the SGLT2 inhibitor to its target in the renal tubule in the presence of a DPP-4 inhibitor.
D. None of the above
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Erin Michos, MD | Credit: Johns Hopkins University
Natalie McCormick, PhD | Credit: American College of Rheumatology
Medha Munshi, MD, (Courtesy: Harvard Health)
David Maahs, MD, PhD
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