Latest Clinical News

Harold Bays, MD: Exploring Benefits and Outcomes of GLP-1 RA Treatment

7 hours ago

Harold Bays, MD discussed the effectiveness of GLP-1 RA in treatment, as well as the development of oral semaglutide.

Pam Taub, MD: The Implication of Diet and Socioeconomic Status in CVD Management

9 hours ago

Dr. Taub speaks on the technology-based advancements in cardiovascular care and socioeconomic status can affect a patient’s diet and access to care.

Peter Toth, MD: Facing Complications in Lipid Management

11 hours ago

Peter Toth, MD discusses the combination treatment aspects of lipid management agents, as well as the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on cardiovascular care.

Pam Taub, MD: Healthy Lifestyle Programs for Patients with CVD

13 hours ago

Dr. Pam Taub speaks on the misconceptions of cardiac rehabilitation and other lifestyle approaches recommended for patients with cardiovascular diseases.

Peter Toth, MD: Innovative Approaches to Lipid Management

16 hours ago

Peter Toth, MD, discusses the movement towards new agents in treatment of lipid management.