Chronic Angina

Social Isolation Linked to Increases in Cardiovascular Events, Death

May 26, 2020


Social isolation could increase risk for cardiovascular events by 40%, according to new research presented at EAN 2020 Virtual Congress.

Diets Rich in Fruits and Vegetables Lower Cardiac Strain, Damage

May 21, 2020


A new analysis of the DASH trial found a fruit-and-vegetable diet was associated with lower levels of hs-cTnl and NT-proBNP.

Impact of Anabolic Steroid Use on Heart Structure and Function in Weightlifters

September 02, 2019


A study presented at ESC Congress 2019 found that anabolic-androgenic steroid use in male weightlifters can lead to thickening of the heart muscle and reduced ejection fraction

Chronic Coronary Disease Guidelines Updated by European Society of Cardiology

August 31, 2019


Updated guidelines for the treatment and diagnosis of chronic coronary diseases were released by the European Society of Cardiology at ESC Congress 2019 in Paris.

FDA Accepts Alirocumab sBLA for MACE Risk Reduction

April 27, 2019


Data from ACC 2018 showed the PCSK9 inhibitor is associated with an absolute risk reduction of 1.6% in treated patients versus placebo.

Racial Disparities in Cardiovascular Care Persist for Postmenopausal Women

April 08, 2019


Investigators have found that despite improvements in women’s cardiovascular health care, black women still face disparities in care compared to white and Hispanic women.

Stopping Aspirin 3 Months After Stenting Maintains Low Mortality Risk

April 02, 2019


A new study finds it is safe for patients who undergo heart stent procedures to quit taking aspirin at 3 months so long as they continue taking a P2Y12 inhibitor.

James Januzzi, MD: Key Takeaways From PIONEER-HF

November 14, 2018


James Januzzi, MD, discusses trial results from the PIONEER-HF trial and what cardiologists and hospitalists should know about sacubitril-valsartan.

Steven Nissen, MD: Risk Calculation is a Risky Business

November 13, 2018


Steven Nissen, MD, discusses the updates to the cholesterol guidelines and how the risk calculator should not be considered an end-all be-all.

Steven Nissen, MD: Takeaways from the Updated Cholesterol Guidelines

November 13, 2018


“These guidelines bring back the concept of adjusting therapy for cholesterol levels, and they recommend more aggressive treatment targets for people in very high risk,” said Cleveland Clinic’s Steven Nissen.