Investigative Ebola Treatment ZMapp to Undergo Testing

February 24, 2018


The monoclonal antibody therapy was used on a limited basis during the 2014 West Africa Ebola outbreak, despite not being marketed at the time.

Ebola Vaccines Provide Year-Long Immune Response

October 12, 2017


The clinical trial yielded valuable information essential for the continued development of the 2 Ebola vaccine candidates.

Ebola Outbreak Reported in Democratic Republic of the Congo

May 12, 2017


The country last had an Ebola outbreak in 2014, is tracing patient contact.

How Can We Stop Onward Transmission in HIV and Other Infectious Diseases?

March 14, 2017


The kind of strategies Myron Cohen, MD and team used for STDs and the gonorrhea bacterial pathogen were applied to HIV.

Anthony S. Fauci, MD: From AIDS to Zika, Infectious Diseases are a Perpetual Challenge

March 04, 2017


Anthony S. Fauci, MD, Director, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), shared with MD Magazine what the main theme would be in his keynote address at the AAAAI 2017 meeting in Atlanta, GA: emerging and reemerging infections, a perpetual challenge.

Ebola Vaccine Breakthrough Hailed

December 23, 2016


An experimental vaccine is showing 100% effectiveness against the Ebola virus, according to results of a trial in Guinea published in The Lancet.

Zika Virus Needs Better Diagnostic Tests: Mark Mulligan, Emory Vaccine Center

October 28, 2016


Mark Mulligan, MD explained that Zika needs better diagnostic tests, which he knows can take some time, but is hopeful something will come along in a reasonable time frame.

Zika Virus: Epidemiology, Virology, and Counter Measures

October 28, 2016


At IDWeek 2016, Mark Mulligan, MD, Hope Clinic at Emory Vaccine Center discussed his team's recent projects studying the natural history of Zika infection and their Zika vaccine trial.

How Do Emerging Infectious Diseases Affect National Security and Policy Discussions?

October 27, 2016


Amesh Adalja, MD, UPMC Center for National Security and his colleagues study recent outbreaks and work on how to better prepare the country for outbreaks like this in the future.

One Health: New term, Ancient Concept

September 07, 2016


How the 9/11 terrorist attacks encouraged the evolution of The One Health Initiative and what that means for the future of medicine.