VTE May Not Be Significant Driver of Death

July 30, 2020


A new systematic review and meta-analysis challenges the notion that preventing VTE is associated reduced mortality risk.

Care Fragmentation After Surgery Increases Mortality Risk

July 22, 2020


Patients face higher mortality risk if they are readmitted to a different hospital following emergency general surgery.

Oral Apixaban Shows Safe, Beneficial Thrombosis Prevention Post-Surgery

July 16, 2020


The first prospective safety trial using oral factor Xa inhibitor in patients undergoing laparotomy shows women preferred and adhered to the drug.

Leveraging 5G for Telesurgery

July 14, 2020


Investigators explain how telemicrosurgery can be performed over a 5G network.

Surgical Site Infections Common After Gynecological Laparoscopies

July 08, 2020


No skin preparation solution is more beneficial or advantageous than others in reducing infection rates.

New Device Could Prevent Severe Bleeding, Hemorrhage After Surgery

June 30, 2020


The iCoagLab test reports several coagulation metrics within minutes, whereas traditionally it can take several hours for coagulation defects to be detected.

FDA Requests More Non-Clinical Information for HTX-011

June 29, 2020


Heron Therapeutics is expected to meet with the FDA and resubmit an NDA for the post-operative opioid alternative.

Apixaban Effective for Thromboprophylaxis After Surgery for Gynecologic Cancer

June 28, 2020


A new randomized trial suggests oral apixaban may be as effective as enoxaparin for thromboprophylaxis following surgery for gynecologic cancer.

Prolonged Opioid Use After Surgery May Burden Public Health

June 26, 2020


It is important to evaluate opioid use among patients before surgery to modify patient-level risk factors.

Nearly 1-in-10 Heart Surgery Patients Develops Persistent Opioid Use

June 18, 2020


New research from Penn Medicine indicates 9.6% of heart surgery patients develop persistent opioid use post-procedure.