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Financial Illiteracy Is the Reason Most Americans Fail Financially

October 10, 2014


Millions of people go through life without understanding money and finances. They try to make ends meet, pay their bills, fill their families' needs, buy homes and cars, save and invest even though they have little or no knowledge about what they're doing.

Downsize Your Life at Retirement

October 03, 2014


When you retire, your life will be different, you won't have the same needs. So it's essential to make adjustments so you can get the most out of your life.

Feelings of Material Entitlement Lead To Financial Failure

September 17, 2014


At no time in history have any people lived as well as we Americans have been living for the past 30 years. Now that we are in a period of economic stagnation, millions are paying a steep price for living the high life and with such abandon.

Your Choice of Financial Advisors Will Determine Your Success

September 10, 2014


Blindly acting on advice from others can be a sure way to lose money. Before you invest, learn about financial advisors and investments. Find out who you can trust to advise you on how stock markets work and about specific industries - especially those in which you may invest.

Requirements of Financial Success

September 03, 2014


When it comes to our finances, few of us are nearly as diligent as we are with our physical health. Most of us don't keep good records, make budgets or monitor our overall financial health.

Your Financial Psychology Determines Your Financial Success

August 27, 2014


Understanding your financial psychology will provide greater insights into why you handle money the way you do. Everyone falls into one of 2 basic financial attitudes.

Unless You're Wealthy, Never Buy a New Car

August 20, 2014


As a depreciating asset, a car is an investment that is guaranteed to decline in value. How you buy and finance a car can make a huge difference in your financial health.

Both You and Your Honey Should Manage the Money

August 13, 2014


When only one member of a household runs the financial show, it can lead to trouble. It's vital that both partners be involved and on the same page when it comes to money.

The Financial Physician Is In

August 06, 2014


Financial fitness isn't hard to achieve. It involves learning some essential concepts that are logical and easy to understand, but only if they are properly explained.