May 25, 2007
Surgical Rounds®, January 2006, Volume 0, Issue 0

? New disposable battery-powered smoke evacuator for laparoscopic surgery?Lap?Evac? creates a closed loop to filter and recirculate gas into the peritoneal cavity, decreasing the amount of ambient electrosurgical smoke inside the patient's peritoneum during laparoscopic surgery. This lowers risks associated with obstructing the surgical team's view, cuts down the levels of particulate matter and gas in the air, and helps maintain distension. LapEvac is a small, sterile unit that connects to two trocars and quietly runs throughout the surgical procedure. As LapEvac recirculates existing peritoneal gas to maintain surgeon visibility, the amount of CO2 gas needed to keep the patient's cavity distended is significantly re?duced. Additionally, LapEvac helps reduce the potential for plume byproducts to be deposited into the patient's cavity. For more information about this product, contact Buffalo Filter at (800) 343-2324 or visit the Web site at

? Mediflex now offers a quick-connect feature?All Mediflex Flex Arm? holding and positioning devices are now available with the quick-connect option. This feature allows the use of either a Delrin clamping tip for holding rigid endoscopes or a stainless steel clamping tip for holding endoscopic instruments and retractors. With this new feature, tips can be changed quickly and are easy to lock securely into position. Use of these tips results in less inadvertent camera or instrument movement during endoscopic procedures. Mediflex Flex Arm devices with the quick-connect feature also work seamlessly with Mediflex Nathanson liver retractors. The Mediflex Nathanson retractors have a nonslip and nonrotating hexagonal fitting on the proximal end that allows them to be mounted in any Mediflex Flex Arm device with the quick-connect feature. For more information about these products, contact Mediflex at (800) 879-7575 or e-mail

? New electrosurgical generator delivers precise performance?Megadyne's Mega Power? electrosurgical generator is easy to set up and use. It has preset power mode settings (including mode recall), large displays that are easy to read even from a distance, and push-button controls. The Mega Power features an advanced cutting-effect mode for scalpel-like cutting to minimize thermal necrosis and reduce scarring. Its Constant Control Technology? automatically monitors tissue impedance and adjusts power output to reduce tissue drag for clean accurate cutting at the lowest possible settings. The Mega Power is compatible with the Mega Soft? reusable patient electrode, Mega Vac Plus? smoke evacuator system, E-Z Clean? nonstick pencils and tips, and accessories from other manufacturers.

The Mega Power provides consistent and flawless performance and comes with a 2-year warranty. For more information about this product, contact Megadyne at (800) 747-6110 or visit the Web site at