May 25, 2007
Surgical Rounds®, March 2006, Volume 0, Issue 0

? Bioresorbable, polymer-coated surgical mesh?TyRx Pharma, Inc is launching a bioresorbable, polymer-coated surgical mesh, which is intended to prevent the major morbidity associated with scar formation around stiff mesh products implanted during hernia repair and other surgeries. The excellent handling characteristics of the mesh facilitates precise placement during the surgical repair, but leaves less implant material after resorption of the bioresorbable polymer coating. Less implant material is thought to be associated with im?proved patient comfort during the postoperative period and beyond. For more information, contact TyRx Pharma, Inc at (732) 246-8676 or visit

? Lone Star Medical Products launches the 3511 Elastic Stay Hook?The new 3511 5-mm Elastic Stay Hook has an ergonomic head, engineered to give surgeons and nurses a more secure grip of the Stay. Its vivid blue color provides greater visibility in the surgical site, which allows for improved organization. In addition to its improved features, the 3511 Elastic Stay maintains the same functions as the 3311, which it will eventually replace. It comes in the same package configuration, has the same tensile strength and hook size to allow tissue retraction, and remains latex-free. For more information, contact Lone Star Medical Products, Inc at (800) 331-7427 or visit

? Silicone surgical wound drain improves patient safety and comfort?Bacterin In?ter?national, Inc has introduced the Via?, a fully channeled surgical wound drain that minimizes tissue trauma and discomfort. It is composed of flexible silicone and has a low-profile connector. The wound drain's four-channel design reduces the risk of occlusion, and its high-tensile strength minimizes the risk of fragmentation. It is radiopaque for easy visualization. The Via Wound Drain series consists of round drains (available in three sizes) and flat drains (available in two sizes). The second generation series of Via, the Elutia? Wound Drain series, is coated with an antimicrobial agent, using Bacterin's proprietary coating technologies. Elutia is currently in late-stage development and will be marketed in the latter part of 2006. For more information, contact Bacterin International, Inc at (888) 886-9354 or visit

? Subcuticular skin stapler that eliminates need for postoperative staple removal?Incisive Surgical's Insorb?|20 Subcuticular Skin Stapler is a sterile, single-patient-use skin closure device. It comes preloaded with 20 absorbable staples, sufficient to close an incision up to 17 cm in length. The Insorb|20 Stapler combines the cosmesis of absorbable sutures with the rapid closure times associated with metal skin staplers while eliminating the need for postoperative metal staple removal. In addition, the Insorb|20 Subcuticular Skin Stapler may reduce operative and anesthesia time associated with suture closure and eliminates the risk of inadvertent needlesticks. The Insorb|20 staple is manufactured from a co-polymeric blend of polylactic acid and polyglycolic acid and is absorbed naturally over a period of a few months. For more information, contact Incisive Surgical, Inc at (877) 2-INSORB or visit

? Puncture closure device permits multiple closures?Ranfac Corporation has re?leased a highly efficient Puncture Closer Device that permits one-handed operation and enables the surgeon to rapidly close multiple trocar sites securely and safely using a single device. The multifunctioning Puncture Closure Device is used to tack up hernia mesh before final placement, to ligate abdominal wall bleeding, and for percutaneous suturing. With a 14-gauge outside diameter, the Puncture Closure Device accommodates any size suture and any size trocar. For more information, contact Ranfac at (800) 272-6322.

? Antimicrobial hand wipes?Professional Disposables In?ter?national's Sani-Dex? ALC antimicrobial alcohol gel hand wipes are effective at killing 99.99% of harmful bacteria and remove soil from the hands through the natural friction caused by wiping. Unlike antimicrobial gels, foams, and rinses, the wipes leave no debris or soil behind. The wipes are made from nonwoven cloth and are saturated with an ethyl alcohol gel solution that is also free of fragrance and dyes. In ad?dition, Sani-Dex ALC contains emollients such as aloe, glycerin, and vita?min E, which help minimize the drying effects of alcohol. The wipes are available in 135-count canisters and 100-count pocket packets. For more information, visit Professional Disposables Inter?national at