May 25, 2007
Surgical Rounds®, July 2006, Volume 0, Issue 0

Single-use surgical instrument serves many functions—The VersaLight™ from Lumitex Medical Devices™ illuminates, irrigates, aspirates, and provides moderate blunt retraction—all in one compact, easy-to-use instrument. VersaLight was designed to help surgeons avoid some of the problems commonly faced in the operating room. It can be inserted directly into deep cavities, small openings, under flaps, or in lateral margins, and its low profile facilitates access of minimally open sites. VersaLight’s patented MicroLens™ illumination technology floods the operative field with cool, bright, shadowless light to assist the surgeon in identifying surgical landmarks, locating blood vessels that are bleeding uncontrollably, and assessing tissue. Its horizontally seamed design withstands approximately 10 lb of retraction force, making it easier to position tissue for better access and a clearer view. VersaLight attaches to standard hospital tubing, allowing sterile irrigation from a standard infusion pump at the push of a button, which helps prevent infection. Aspiration is as simple as placing a fingertip over the conveniently located aspiration hole to control the strength of suction while VersaLight’s channeled aspiration tip minimizes “tissue grab.” For more information, contact Lumitex Medical Devices at (800) 969-5483 or visit

Laparoscopic instruments that prevent stray energy burns—Encision offers active electrode monitoring (AEM®), which is an emerging standard of care in minimally invasive surgery.?With Encision’s shielded instruments and AEM monitoring system, surgeons can eliminate stray energy burns caused by insulation failure and capacitive coupling.?The AEM Monitor continuously monitors the laparoscopic instrument during surgery and will shut down the generator when sensing a dangerous level of stray energy.?The AEM product line includes a full line of surgical instruments equivalent in function to conventional instruments, but with advanced safety from the shielded and monitored AEM design. For more information about these products, contact Encision Inc at (800) 998-0986 or visit

Coaxial microcatheter system allows for a more efficient procedure—Terumo Interventional Systems’ Progreat™ Coaxial Microcatheter System is designed to increase efficiency and reduce procedural problems such as “kinking.” The Progreat System features a 0.021 in Glidewire® GT guidewire and incorporates an attached hub that allows the wire to be preassembled and fixed via a lure-lock assembly onto the microcatheter. This enables the guidewire and catheter to be flushed simultaneously while still in the packaged hoop and enhances the clinician’s ability to negotiate the vasculature and reach the targeted vessel. The Progreat Coaxial Microcatheter System is available in catheter lengths of 110 cm and 130 cm (750 psi or 900 psi). In addition to the guidewire, the Progreat System includes a wire stopper for adjusting the protruding length of the guidewire, a guidewire introducer, a rotating hemostatic valve, a 2.5-mL syringe, and a tip-shaping mandrel. Combining the two products allows procedural steps to be elimin-ated, enhances physician convenience, and potentially reduces “skin-to-skin” time, resulting in a more efficient procedure. For more information, contact Terumo Medical Corporation at (800) 283-7866 or visit

Specialty surgery pads provide pressure equalization—OSI and Tempur-Pedic® Medical have joined together to introduce Tempur-Med® Surgery Pads, which aid health care professionals in managing pressure-related forces that make a patient susceptible to tissue damage during lengthy surgical procedures. Research shows that tissue covering a patient’s bony prominences can be damaged in as little as 20 minutes. Continued pressure on these weight-bearing contact points compresses blood vessels, reducing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the area. Tempur-Med Surgery Pads passively redistribute pressure away from areas prone to pressure damage by reducing the areas of peak pressure on the body. This process protects skin and muscle tissue, speeds recovery, and increases the patient’s comfort. Tempur-Med Surgery Pads will be standard equipment on specific OSI tables and available as replacement pads for OSI tables already in use. A variety of Tempur-Med Surgery Pads will also be available for general surgery tables and stretchers. For more information, contact OSI at (510) 476-8153 or visit

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