A new year

Surgical Rounds®, January 2008, Volume 0, Issue 0

A new year often brings change, and after 30 years in print, we felt it was time to make some improvements. As you peruse this issue of Surgical Rounds, you will no doubt notice several changes to our layout, all designed to enhance your reading experience. Articles now include headers so you can see what is covered at a glance, and each one has a highlighted abstract summarizing its scope and conclusions. We have also added Practice Points, which serve as snapshots of key diagnostic and therapeutic information. Department offerings have been expanded and now include radiology and transplantation sections (see our Radiology Rounds call for papers). The greatest change, however, is that we can now pack more content into each issue, simply because we have expanded our column widths. Our January 2008 edition includes 7 articles, more Recertification Practice Quiz questions, and a feature from the Surgeon's Bulletin Board, which many of you have written to say you miss! We still have Dr. Jaffe's candid editorials, our full-color anatomical charts, and the same quality articles you have come to expect from Surgical Rounds. We hope you enjoy the new format and would love to hear your thoughts about these changes. As always, you can write to us at or contact us through our contact page.