529 Savings Plans for Middle-aged Students

Physician's Money DigestJanuary 2007
Volume 14
Issue 1

While many adults consider opening a529 college savings plan account for theirchildren, there are adults out there who arecontemplating a return to school and wishto open a 529 plan for themselves. Perhapsyou may decide to go back to school to geta teaching degree after you retire fromyour practice, or maybe your spouse willwant to further their education. Accordingto Bankrate.com, placing money into a 529plan before you or your spouse even settleon enrolling in college courses may spuryou to do so down the road. But if you ultimatelydecide against it, you can alwaysmaintain the account for your children orgrandchildren. You can also transfer your529 money to another family member easilyby changing the beneficiary on your accountor even make a partial rollover intotheir own 529 account. If in the end theaccount is never used for educational purposes,the account growth will be subject toregular income tax plus a 10% tax if it'swithdrawn on a nonqualified basis.

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