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Five Great Places to Settle in for Retirement

Physician's Money Digest, June 2007, Volume 14, Issue 6


For those looking to sell their homesand retire to another state, magazine suggests five domestic locationswith strong medical facilities, great culture,and reasonable home prices.First, in no particular order, isAlbuquerque, New Mexico,which has a median home price of$200,000, sunshine 310 days ayear, and a revitalized downtownwith upscale shopping and cafes.Another is Jacksonville, Florida, with amedian home price of $200,000, strongcultural activities and attractions, and adiverse economy. Oxford, Mississippi, withits old-fashioned Southern charm is alsohighly rated with an affordable medianhome price of $160,000, strong literaryunderpinnings, and a mild climate. Austin,Texas, boasts a green, not sun-baked landscapewith a great live music scene, excellentmedical facilities, and a median homeprice of $175,500. Finally, for those whocan brave cold winters, Ithaca, New York,has great natural beauty, a median homeprice of $216,000, excellent shops, restaurants,theaters, and medical facilities.