Did You Know

Physician's Money DigestJuly 2007
Volume 14
Issue 7

507 million—Number of Post-It® notes it would take to circle the world once. (NYSE Magazine, 2005)

30%—Percentage of Americans who believe adult psychological problems can be traced back to childhood. (Newsweek, 2006)

20%—Percentage of Americans who have at one time seen a therapist—although only 4% are currently in therapy. (Newsweek, 2006)

8 million—Number of adults afflicted with alcohol abuse in the United States. (US News & World Report, 2006)

12 to 24 million— Estimated days per year missed due to lice breakouts. (US News & World Report, 2006)

47 million—Number of uninsured Americans. (BusinessWeek, 2006)

$43,700—Average annual salary for private health care workers. (BusinessWeek, 2006)

43%—Percentage of adults with chronic illness who have difficulties paying their medical bills. (Money, 2006)

45.1 million—Number of Americans who work from their homes. (Entrepreneur, 2006)

20.6 million—Number of Americans who work while in their car —hopefully not while driving. (Entrepreneur, 2006)

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