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Claire Daines Wins Golden Globe for Portrayal of Temple Grandin

Claire Daines won the Golden Globe for best actress in a movie last night for her depiction of an autistic woman who revolutionized the livestock industry.

Emmy Awards were just the beginning for the HBO movie about an autistic woman who helped revolutionize the humane livestock handling industry. Claire Daines took home the Golden Globe last night for best actress in a miniseries or motion picture for her depiction of Temple Grandin in the movie by the same name. The accolade can be added to the seven Emmy awards the movie took back in August.

The night was even more special due to the fact that Temple Grandin accompanied Claire Daines to the event and lit up with excitement when Daines was announced the winner. Prior to the show, Grandin got to walk to red carpet and experienced the celebrity treatment while staying true to herself.

The film documented Grandin’s impact on the cattle and livestock industry, a remarkable achievement when considering that she could not speak until she was almost 4 years old and was diagnosed with “high-functioning” autism. But that did not stop her from earning a doctorate in animal sciences and then going on to enact more humane treatment and slaughtering of livestock.

Grandin has repeatedly told reporters that she was extremely proud of how Daines portrayed her in the film and is happy that the actress could help educate people about autism.

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