GERD and the Overweight Patient

February 16, 2011

This podcast focuses on the challenges in the diagnosis and treatment of GERD in the overweight patient.

GERD as a “disease spectrum forms a rational basis for screening for this condition in overweight patients that must be combined with improved follow-up and surveillance programs in patients who have more advanced symptoms. Increased hospitalizations for GERD associated symptoms and complications together with increased risk for disease progression to esophageal adenocarcinoma, if left untreated, underscores the important role of the primary care practitioner in assessment, treatment and management of GERD in overweight patients.”

Listen to this podcast to gain “an increased awareness and understanding of the challenges confronting them in the diagnosis and treatment of GERD in the overweight patient,” gain practical insights into “effective approaches suitable for improved patient screening and diagnosis of GERD,” and listen to a discussion of “new guideline recommendations that can help them improve patient treatment and management of GERD with special emphasis placed on the challenges and barriers encountered in overweight and obese patients who are at increased risk for advanced disease and its complications.”

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