Medical Honey Offers Patients with Hard-to-heal Wounds Relief

For patients with chronic wounds that won't heal, treatment options just got a little sweeter with Derma Sciences' MEDIHONEY Wound and Burn Dressings.

For patients with chronic wounds that won’t heal, treatment options just got a little sweeter with Derma Sciences’ MEDIHONEY Wound and Burn Dressings.

MEDIHONEY was recently featured at the American Professional Wound Care Association 10th Annual Conference, April 9, during a symposium entitled “Anti-Microbial Dressings: New Concepts.”

The dressings are composed of a high percentage of Active Leptospermum Honey, which has been shown to increase the rate of healing in chronic ulcers. The dressings also function well on non-chronic wounds including burns and post-operative wounds. The ingredients function well in the presence of “wound fluid, blood, and tissue," and enable the wounds to begin healing, in many cases. Its lack of toxicity also allows for application during any stage of wound healing.

MEDIHONEY has previously been studied in clinical cases; the results of which were presented at the conference.

Among the patients that benefitted from the product was a male, 17, suffering from hidradenitis suppurativa. Common therapies like surgical debridement, skin grafts, and topical wound care dressings proved unsuccessful, making him an ideal candidate for evaluating the effects of the honey-based product. MEDIHONEY was applied every other day to his wound and researchers found that his pain, and the wound odor began to disappear. Within seven weeks, his wounds were successfully healing.

Similarly, another patient, male, 18, with an unstageable ischial pressure ulcer, began receiving MEDIHONEY threes times per week and experienced similar results; his wound began to heal.

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