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NYC Leaders Vote to Ban Smoking in Parks and on Beaches

The New York City Council voted in favor of banning smoking in parks and on beaches yesterday in order to protect children from secondhand smoke.

The New York City Council voted in favor of banning smoking in parks and on beaches stating that the motivation behind the ban was to protect children from secondhand smoke.

It was almost a decade ago that New York City took a stand against smoking by banning it in restaurants, which was predictably received with mixed feelings by New Yorkers. Now, since the council voted 36 to 12 in the new ban, smoking will not be tolerated in all 1,700 parks and 14 miles of beach that New York City claims. A similar bill was presented and vetoed by then-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger earlier this year.

The timing of enforcing this new ban is still to be determined; Mayor Bloomberg has up to 30 days to sign the bill, and then the ban should take effect 90 days following that signature.

The question now becomes whether or not this new ban is taking things too far. The outcry from those who are displeased with the new air is that the council is now essentially banning smoking outside. Although many smokers were not happy with the banning in restaurants, it did make sense considering that many restaurants are indoors and non-smokers were being subjected to the habit in a closed environment. New York City will be enforcing the strictest cigarette smoking ban to date once this ban goes into effect.

What do you think about this new ban? Are you in favor or do you think this is an infringement on New Yorkers’ rights? Let us know your thoughts!

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