Sharing Cost Information with Clinicians

July 5, 2014

Differing implementations of electronic health records and a lack of communication between clinicians and operational leaders are barriers to cost transparency, according to Beth Meyers, healthcare industry strategy director at Infor.

The differing implementations of electronic health records are proving a difficult barrier to mining patient data and gaining a better idea of the cost of care, Beth Meyers, nurse executive and healthcare industry strategy director at Infor, said at the Healthcare Financial Management Association’s national meeting in Las Vegas.

“I think that hospital organizations are ready to be able to put money into cleaning that data up because they need to understand their costs at that granular level,” Meyers said.

However, the physicians are an important part, as well. It’s not enough to train medical school students in being aware of costs, hospitals and other care organizations need to be willing to share cost information with their clinicians now.

“That will get all the physicians who are currently practicing, not just those who are coming up in training,” she said. “We need it to happen faster than in 20 or 30 years.”