Style Advice for People with Psoriasis

Tim Gunn, Pfizer, and Amgen teamed up to offer style and fashion advice for patients who have been diagnosed with psoriasis.

In case you and your patients missed it, Pfizer and Amgen recently launched “Psophisticated Style: A Guide to Everyday Style and Psoriasis,” part of the Addressing Psoriasis website developed “to inspire people with plaque psoriasis to actively manage their condition, be more confident and not allow the condition to inhibit their everyday style.”

Hosted by Tim Gunn, the style and fashion guru best known for his role on Project Runway, the site features style guide videos that address different aspects of a patient’s style that may be affected by his or her psoriasis. The site urges patients to watch the videos to learn how they can “embrace [their] personal style and live fashionably with psoriasis.”

The “Style Guide” page on the website offers three brief videos: “Fabulous Fabrics,” in which Gunn talks about “the importance of fabric choices, especially for those living with psoriasis;” “Seasonal Styling,” which talks about Gunn’s recommendations for essential items that are “fundamental to creating balance in every wardrobe;” and “Awesome Accessories,” which features Gunn’s tips on how patients with psoriasis can use accessories as “a fun and cost-effective way to stay on trend.” Visitors can also access a video that offers a style recap and additional advice from Tim Gunn and Dr. Susan C. Taylor.

Patients and physicians can also download PDFs that compile the tips and advice from each video. Chapter 2, “Fabulous Fabrics,” is available here. Chapter 3, “Seasonal Styling,” is available here. The chapter on “Awesome Accessories” is available here.

Addressing Psoriasis also features a section that offers background information about psoriasis where patients can find answers to questions about the causes of psoriasis, the effects the condition can have on patient’s health and quality of life, the symptoms associated with psoriasis, and the treatments that are available.

A news release on the American Academy of Dermatology website explains that “Psophisticated Style” was “developed to respond directly to the needs of individuals with psoriasis by addressing their style concerns and sharing practical and creative fashion advice. The videos feature highlights from the one-on-one style consultations between Tim Gunn and the five 2010 Addressing Psoriasis™ winners held at Cotton Incorporated in July. The videos also include style tips shared by psoriasis patients during the 2010 Addressing Psoriasis™ contest.” The “Psophisticated Style: A Guide to Everyday Style and Psoriasis” resource and the Addressing Psoriasis website are “the culmination of a disease awareness program designed to help people with psoriasis learn more about managing their disease and feel more confident in their everyday style.”

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