Time-Released Treatment for Breakthrough Pain

A new treatment for breakthrough pain acts in three ways.

After years of research and development of anti-aging and topical pain relief products, Concept Laboratories, in Chicago, have developed a timed-release nanotechnology to treat breakthrough pain.

The researchers discovered that the effects of topical pain relievers are substantially enhanced by the use of timed-release nanotechnology. Further trials resulted in the development of MyOmega 3—a timed-release topical pain relief product. The herbal-based, topical pain treatment that effectively breaks the breakthrough pain barrier 3 new ways:

1 - Timed-release distribution of herbal pain relief formula.

2 - Deep penetration of pain relief ingredients with IcePearls™ nanotechnology.

3 - Safe topical application.Breakthrough pain (BTP) is more common in patients without cancer than those with cancer, according to a medical study published in the Journal of Opioid Management.

The noncancer patients were more lifestyle impaired than those with cancer. BTP often upsets the lives of people who are already trying to control chronic pain with one or more drugs.

Breakthrough pain is often called “flares” or “flare-ups”. A pain flare affects quality of life for a large number of people suffering with chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia, lupus, and arthritis. In the past, pain flares made pain management next to impossible. Breakthrough pain calls for breakthrough pain relief to help manage the ups and downs of pain. Concept Labs responded with MyOmega 3--a natural and scientific breakthrough pain product line that makes pain management easy without prescription drugs and side effects. It's a timed-release,

The sustained delivery system targets local pain areas with FDA-approved ingredients like Menthol, Camphor and Capsaicin. The topical pain treatment and pain management products are drug-free and offer a balanced blend of hot and cool acting ingredients for easy pain management even with serious Pain flares.

Each nanosphere within the IcePearls system has a designed-in designated release time. Some nanospheres are activated immediately, releasing a complex of pain relief ingredients when a MyOmega 3 cream, rub or spray is applied to a target pain area. Other nanospheres are encapsulated within microspheres which have individualized release barriers of varying thicknesses. When the time-based barriers dissolve, a new pain relief complex is released to the target pain area. The process is continual and fully effective for up to six hours.


What does the new treatment mean for the future of treating breakthrough cancer pain? Leave a comment.

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