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Treatment Options for the Management of Hyponatremia

Two physicians provide an overview of the management of hyponatremia, with a specific focus on the use of AVP receptor antagonists as part of treatment.

This podcast from ReachMD “provides an overview of the management of hyponatremia in the hospital setting with a specific focus on a new class of agents, the AVP receptor antagonists.”

Scott Beegle, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Albany Medical College, and Joseph Verbalis, MD, Professor of Medicine and Physiology at Georgetown University Medical Center review the clinical presentation and treatment of patients with euvolemic and hypervolemic hyponatremia and the role of AVP receptor antagonists in the treatment of these patients. During the interview, the physicians also discuss hyponatremia incidence, causes, and consequences and general treatment principles for this condition, including the application of a diagnostic algorithm.

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