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Five Resources for Bootstrapping a Startup

September 12, 2013


Founding your physician start-up on mostly your own finances can seem like an overwhelming task at times. Fortunately the Internet has come to the rescue with a huge array of services.

Taking Action to Prevent Burnout

May 22, 2013


While practicing medicine, Rich Sagall, MD, acquired multiple ancillary skills in anticipation of the day when providing care one-on-one to patients would no longer satisfy his sense of purpose.

A Leadership Fable

May 08, 2013


Where does the source of a leader's power come from? What helps to shape a true, strong leader? Having trusted advisors is helpful, but there's something else that aids leaders.

Leading Clinicians and Clinicians Leading

April 24, 2013


Despite what you may hope, Accountable Care Organizations and patient-centered medical homes are here to stay and demand heightened physician leadership. This means relying on skills of influence and persuasion, which is no easy feat to acquire.

Seven Secrets to Becoming a Successful Intrapreneur

April 17, 2013


For those physicians who want to be entrepreneurial physicians, but don't think their circumstances permit them to take the chance, the secret is to become an intrapreneur.

A Success Trait for Entrepreneurs

February 13, 2013


What does it take to succeed in life and business? There is some fascinating research - mainly coming out of the field of education - that sheds some light on the traits of successful individuals.

Innovation, Entrepreneurship in Brief

January 09, 2013


There are three great drivers of innovation and entrepreneurs are called to act upon those drivers to bring an idea into being through funding and planning.

Are You Making Resolutions or Commitments?

January 01, 2013


Philippa Kennealy is against making New Year's resolutions because they are often born of hopes and wishful thinking instead of a real desire to create change. She is making a commitment, instead.

Effectively Getting Your Word Out

December 19, 2012


Physicians with blogs think successful marketing is about writing as much content as possible; however, the real secret is knowing how to promote each blog post effectively. Here are some suggestions.

Seeking Leverage to Have an Impact

October 17, 2012


A serial physician entrepreneur realized that the only way he could make a real difference to more people was by using leverage as a businessman. He shares his inspiring story and some wisdom.