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HIV Hides in Brain, Kidney Tissues Even When Undetectable in Blood
“Our results suggest that HIV in varied tissue compartments can be untouched by the medications,” said Michael S. McGrath, MD, PhD.
Patients who are depressed and who have human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) could benefit from evidence-based treatment for depression and adherence counseling, according to recent research.
There's more to HIV/AIDS prevention than instructions in condom use, behavioral researchers note. A team outlines next steps in confronting complex health-related behaviors.
As new HIV strains gain ground, it is important to keep testing which antivirals will work to halt them. A study focused on HIV-1 subtype C infection.
Studies have long determined that a woman is more likely to contract HIV from a man than vice versa, so finding an effective prevention method is crucial for high-risk women.
Using a drug database British Columbia researchers can identify new HIV hotspots by looking at phylogenotypic clusters and watching for any sudden growth. It works to get new cases into treatment, but comes with ethical concerns.
We know that HIV results in a compromised immune system, making patients more susceptible to other illnesses, but specific information about the connection between HIV and TB has been lacking.
Primary care clinics could easily offer pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV/AIDS to appropriate patients, a team of Boston, MA researchers concludes.
Researchers report there is evidence of a correlation between immune recovery and the behavior of a certain subset of gut bacteria in patients with HIV treated with antiretroviral therapy.

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