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HIV: No Added Risk of Cardio Events with Atazanavir
There is no significant risk of increased cardiovascular events associated with drug regimens containing atazanavir, according to the results of a recent study
A study out of the University of Montreal explores newer, more accurate methods of targeting "HIV reservoirs" and tests two drugs, originally developed for cancer treatment, for their ability to bring the virus out of hiding.
Nearly a quarter of HIV positive patients getting care through the Ryan White federally funded treatment program have not gotten their viral loads down. The analysis was made by the district's health department, which has used the data to address the problem.
Can Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV be given post-exposure? Absolutely, a New York City team reports.
When a non-profit AIDS advocacy group offers as many programs as Gay Men's Health Crisis (GMHC) efficiency is a challenge. The organization relies on three management practices to remain efficient and audit-ready, particularly data-driven administrative supervision.
HIV AIDS is treatable but in rural areas the fear of people finding out an individual's HIV status can be a barrier. A University of Virginia Health System team has had success with training peer coaches to counsel such patients.
San Francisco, CA, with the backing of generous state Medicaid coverage, believes it can wipe out hepatitis C in vulnerable populations including people with HIV, intravenous drug users, homeless people, and prisoners in the city's jails.
Bonus video: As the 20th Annual US Conference on AIDS wound down, one presenter stood out—not just for advocacy work. She also sings. Here’s the conclusion of our interview with Adriana Garriga-Lopez, PhD, singing Manuel de Falla's "Nana".
Experts need to think about public health in a smarter way; it shouldn't just be about emergency management.

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