Latest Clinical News

Repository Corticotropin and Immunotherapy for SARDS

28 minutes ago

An expert in rheumatic diseases considers therapeutic options for the treatment of SARDS including subcutaneous and intramuscular formulations of Repository Corticotropin Injection as well as immunosuppressive agents.

Dual Antiplatelet Therapy for CV Risk Reduction

59 minutes ago

Recommendations for treating patients with coronary artery disease and type 2 diabetes with dual antiplatelet therapy based on data revealed by the THEMIS trial.

Investigating Strategies to Treat SCD Using Gene Therapy 

1 hour ago

An expert in hematology/oncology discusses the emerging role of gene therapy to treat sickle cell disease.

Goals of Therapy and Treatment Approaches for SARDs

1 hour ago

A key opinion leader in rheumatology discusses the goals of therapy for SARDs and provides an overview of current approaches to treatment including the use of NSAIDs, corticosteroids, and immunosuppressive agents.

Innovative Therapies on the Horizon to Treat AMD

1 hour ago

Carl Regillo, MD and Diana Do, MD react to newer therapies being explored for wet AMD and discuss their place in future therapeutic algorithms.