Peer Exchange

HCPLive® Peer Exchange panel discussions feature authoritative insights, opinions, and perspectives on important issues facing today's care professionals.

Practical Management of Atopic Dermatitis: Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant Perspectives

July 16th 2021

An overview of treatment advances for atopic dermatitis and the role of the nurse practitioner and physician assistant in educating patients on treatment options and helping them gain access to more novel approaches.

Optimizing Treatment Strategies to Manage Inflammatory Bowel Disease

July 1st 2021

Experts provide an overview on the management of inflammatory bowel disease using biologics and discussing their safety and efficacy data presented at the DDW Virtual 2021.

The Sickle Cell Disease Patient Journey

June 11th 2021

A panel of experts and patients with sickle cell disease discuss the burden of sickle cell disease as well as the importance of education and awareness surrounding this disorder.

Strategies and Options for the Management of Hypoglycemic Emergencies

June 8th 2021

Expert panelists provide a lively discussion on currently available pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic treatment approaches in the management of hypoglycemic episodes in patients with diabetes.

Shifting the Treatment Paradigm of Severe Asthma With Novel Biologics

June 7th 2021

An overview of recent advances in patient assessment and treatment, with a focus on novel and emerging biologics for the management of asthma.

Evolving Management Strategies for Treatment-Resistant Depression

May 6th 2021

A panel discussion focused on advances in the management of treatment-resistant depression and the fundamentals of certified treatment centers for the dispensing and administration of esketamine.

Expert Perspectives on the Optimal Management of Sickle Cell Disease

March 31st 2021

Experts discuss challenges in sickle cell disease along with the available standard of care and newer FDA-approved agents used in the management of the disease.

Paradigm Shifts in Lipid Lowering

March 22nd 2021

Expert cardiologists provide a brief overview of the standard of care for lipid disorders and focus on a rapidly emerging, newer treatment option for managing dyslipidemia.

Institutional Best Practices for Treating Schizophrenia

March 17th 2021

Joe Avelino, RN, BSN, MHSA, CPHQ; Rahn Bailey, MD, DFAPA; and Henry Nasrallah, MD discuss the benefits of long-acting injectables in the management of schizophrenia and system protocols that are in place for the use of long-acting injectables in an institutional setting.

The Opioid Crisis: A Multidisciplinary Perspective on Effective Management

March 9th 2021

Experts discuss challenges and recent guidance provided by national agencies pertaining to the opioid crisis, in addition to providing real world examples of how to implement effective management strategies into clinical practice.