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Natalie McCormick, PhD | Credit: American College of Rheuamtology
SGLT2 Inhibitors Could Lower Risk of Recurrent Gout Flares in People with Diabetes

June 4th 2023

A new-user, active comparator cohort study from EULAR 2023 suggests use of SGLT2 inhibitors could lower risk of recurrent gout flares in people with type 2 diabetes and gout compared to use of DPP-4 inhibitors.

A pregnant woman having a discussion with their doctor | Credit: Mart Production - Pexels
Depressive Symptoms During Pregnancy, Postpartum Depression Common in Women with Rheumatic Disease

June 4th 2023

Digital illustration of COVID-19 spike proteins
Long COVID and Patients with Rheumatic Disease: Perspective from EULAR 2023

June 4th 2023

Emily Littlejohn, DO, MPH | Credit: Cleveland Clinic
Even With High Proteinuria, Voclosporin Proves Benefit in Lupus Nephritis

June 4th 2023

AR882 Effectively Lowers Serum Urate Levels in Patients With Gout
AR882 Effectively Lowers Serum Urate Levels in Patients With Gout

June 3rd 2023

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