Denosumab Doses Must Be Delivered On Time for Patients With Osteoporosis

August 04, 2020


It is important for clinicians considering prescribing denosumab treatment to counsel patients before its initiation on the importance of not delaying or discontinuing injections.

Opioids Overprescribed After Total Hip or Knee Arthroplasty

August 03, 2020


Policies must change to curb postoperative opioid overprescribing.

Teleretinal Screening Improves Timeliness to Care

July 27, 2020


The implementation of teleretinal screening could improve clinic workflow.

Usual Care Better than Stratified Care for Sciatica

July 21, 2020


The results do not support the transtion from usual care to stratified care for the improvement of sciatica symptoms.

Upadacitinib Demonstrates Safety and Efficacy for Atopic Dermatitis

July 21, 2020


Upadacitinib 15 mg and 30 mg outperformed placebo in Measure Up 2, the second part of a phase 3 study on the monotherapy.

Meloxicam Better than Placebo, CBT for Knee Osteoarthritis

July 20, 2020


Despite negative trial resutls, the data support the posibility of tapering off NSAIDs and the plausibility of self-management approaches like CBT.

FDA Approves Guselkumab for Active Psoriatic Arthritis

July 14, 2020


Guselkumab represents the first FDA approved medication for active psoriatic arthritis that selectively inhibits interleukin-23.

ACR Supports Use of Telemedicine for Rheumatology

July 01, 2020


The statement contains positions and oppositions for telemedicine, along with highlights barriers and opportunities for patients and rheumatology professionals.

Survey Shows Practitioners Leaning Toward Telemedicine Future

June 22, 2020


More than three-fourths of online respondents expressed concern about providing in-person patient safety after COVID-19. Another 35% want to use telemedicine in their practice now.