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Matthew Hoscheit, MD | Credit: Cleveland Clinic
Matthew Hoscheit, MD: Expanding the GERD Treatment Armamentarium with Vonoprazan

July 18th 2024

Vonoprazan (Voquezna), the first major innovation in GERD treatment in more than 30 years, is now FDA-approved for both erosive and non-erosive GERD.

FDA black and white logo | Credit: US Food and Drug Administration
Vonoprazan (Voquezna) Receives FDA Approval for Heartburn Associated with Non-Erosive GERD

July 18th 2024

David Levinthal, MD, PhD | Credit: University of Pittsburgh
David Levinthal, MD, PhD: Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome Diagnosis, Management

July 16th 2024

David Levinthal, MD, PhD | Credit: University of Pittsburgh
Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome Clinical Practice Update Guides Diagnosis, Management

July 16th 2024

Mirna Chehade, MD, MPH | Credit: Mount Sinai
Mirna Chehade, MD, MPH: “Exciting” Phase 3 Data for Dupilumab in Pediatric Eosinophilic Esophagitis

July 8th 2024

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Innovations in GERD: What Vonoprazan (Voquezna) May Offer Over PPIs, with Adelina Hung, MD
Bindu Anand Balani, MD: Eradicating Hepatitis C Virus by 2030

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