The Role of Ozanimod in UC


Miguel Regueiro, MD, discusses the role of ozanimod as a treatment option for ulcerative colitis (UC).


David Hudesman, MD: Miguel, let’s talk a little bit about more of the S1P [sphingosine 1-phosphate modulator], ozanimod, the one that’s currently approved for UC. How are you incorporating that?

Miguel Regueiro, MD: I look at it as the milder end of moderate. It’s a patient [who doesn’t] have deep ulcers to their colon, they’re not about to go to the hospital, they’re not very sick, and the question comes down to, do you use vedolizumab or do you use ozanimod? Those are the 2 currently [available], or ozanimod, as the currently approved S1P. In that class, those would be the 2 options. Then it will come down to the patient’s preference in terms of IV vs oral. The only thing that would [prevent] me from using ozanimod would be if a patient has significant AV [atrioventricular] conduction abnormality and hasn’t seen much macular edema. However, if they have macular edema—in my practice, I haven’t seen either of those to exclude somebody from ozanimod—the audience needs to know those are factors that you would need to consider. That’s why we get an EKG first, not because ozanimod causes cardiac abnormalities, but if they have a significant AV conduction delay, that would be a patient I would shy away from [ozanimod]. I think the S1P class would be patients who have been on a 5-ASA [5-aminosalicylic acid], maybe 1 course of steroids. That’s the sweet spot, and probably for vedolizumab and ozanimod, the S1P class, I would use either in that scenario.

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