FDA Approves Viltolarsen for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

August 12, 2020


The approval is based on findings from a phase 2 clinical trial.

Naahaad Mukadam, PhD: Addressing the Dementia Public Health Crisis

August 10, 2020


A team of researchers have added 3 new modifiable risk factors to a list of 9 known factors that increase the risk of developing dementia.

FDA Sets PDUFA Date on Aducanumab for Alzheimer Disease

August 07, 2020


Investigators found a 22% reduction in clinical decline at the 78-week cutoff in the intent to treat population in EMERGE who received high-dose aducanumab, with a similar reduction seen in the opportunity to complete population.

Dementia-Related Psychosis a Burden for Both Patients and Caretakers

August 06, 2020


In a pair of studies, 42% of patients and care partners reported having no current treatment.

High Variability Found in Mortality from Traumatic Brain Injuries

August 04, 2020


Approximately 5% of the 13,000 TBI patients examined died during the course of the study.

FDA Approves Epidiolex CBD to Treat Seizures Associated with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

August 03, 2020


The FDA approved the CBD solution following the results of a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.

Telehealth Helps Traumatic Brain Injury Patients Recover Communication Skills

August 01, 2020


A telehealth group showed better outcomes than an in-person training group for some variables of communication skills for individuals who suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Flu and Pneumonia Vaccines Could Help Reduce Alzheimer Disease Dementia Risk

July 31, 2020


Three studies presented during the AAIC 2020 annual meeting show how frequent influenza vaccination help promote a gene-dependent reduction of Alzheimer disease by up to 40%.

Anti-VEGF Injections Associated with Cognitive Impairment in AMD Patients

July 28, 2020


Interim findings from a cross-sectional study shows a correlation between worse cognitive scoring and a greater rate of intravitreal injections.

Annual Alzheimer Disease Pipeline Shows Rapid Progress in Clinical Research

July 24, 2020


As of February, 121 unique therapies are involved in clinical trials for Alzheimer disease, with putative disease-modifying agents targeting disease onset or progression accounting for the largest number.