FDA Approves New Cataplexy and Daytime Sleepiness Treatment for Narcolepsy

July 22, 2020


The approval represents the second approved treatment of the conditions associated with narcolepsy patients at least 7 years old.

Telemedicine and Face-to-Face CBT Both Effective Treating Insomnia

July 21, 2020


Both telemedicine and face-to-face therapy resulted in improved daytime function.

More REM Sleep Needed to Reduce Mortality Rate in Older Adults

July 17, 2020


New research finds a 13% higher mortality rate for every 5% reduction in REM sleep.

Childhood Sleep Issues Foreshadow Psychosis, Borderline Personality Disorder

July 09, 2020


Shorter nighttime sleep duration and later bedtime at 3.5 years old age were significantly associated with borderline personality disorder symptoms.

Inadequate Sleep Impacts Children's Emotional Health

July 08, 2020


The presence of anxiety symptoms moderated most alterations in emotional processing observed following sleep restriction.

Prenatal Cannabis Use Might Cause Sleep Problems for Offspring

July 06, 2020


Recently, there has been a 7% increase in cannabis use from pregnant mothers.

Jennifer Martin, PhD: Sleep Lessons Learned During COVID-19

July 02, 2020


Dr. Jennifer Martin explains how teenagers could benefit from a better sleep schedule and a later wake up time.

Jennifer Martin, PhD: Concerning Sleep Trends During COVID-19

June 30, 2020


Increased technology use and alcohol consumption may be leading to some troubling trends in sleep.

Second-Hand Smoke Impacting Sleep Disturbances

June 24, 2020


The researchers suggested a significant link between second-hand smoke exposure and poor sleep quality, particularly among adolescents.

Sleep Problems Linked to Adolescents with Depression and Anxiety

June 18, 2020


Individuals at 15 years old with depression experience struggles with both sleep patterns and sleep quality.