Lakiea Wright, MD: The Importance of Flu Vaccination

September 24, 2020

An expert discusses the importance of getting vaccinated for the flu this year as well as strategies healthcare systems are taking to ensure easy access for patients.

House Dust Mites and Grass Allergens Are Common Triggers for Atopic Dermatitis

September 24, 2020

D. farinae and D. pteronyssinus positive skin prick test results were much more frequent in patients >18 years.

Lakiea Wright, MD: Differentiating Between Allergies, COVID-19, and Flu

September 21, 2020

Distinguishing factors between the 3.

Christina Ciaccio, MD, MSc: Treating Patients with Arachis Hypogaea

September 21, 2020

How the treatment differs from others for peanut allergy.

Christina Ciaccio, MD, MSc: Arachis Hypogaea for Peanut Allergy

September 18, 2020

The expert discusses the first FDA-approved drug of its kind for peanut allergy.

Providers Not Following Food Allergy Guidelines for Infants

August 18, 2020

The findings suggest the need to possibly revise published food allergy guidelines.

Pediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Disease and COVID-19

July 24, 2020

Until more is known about long-term cardiac mechanisms behind MIS-C, providers could consider following Kawasaki disease guidelines for follow-up care

FDA Clears Blood Test to Identify Red Meat Sensitization

July 23, 2020

It has been notoriously difficult to measure sensitization to the alpha-Gal carbohydrate.

AR101 Leads to Rapid Desensitization of Peanut Protein

July 22, 2020

The findings provide data to help physicians, patients, and caregivers make informed, shared decisions on the management of peanut allergy.

Barriers Prevent Pediatricians from Implementing Peanut Allergy Guidelines

July 15, 2020

Although a majority of pediatricians are aware of the guidelines, less than one-third of survey respondents report full implementation.