COVID-19 Complications & Searches for a Cure with Dr. David Ho

August 04, 2020


World-leading virologist and AIDS researcher David Ho, MD, joins the inaugural podcast episode.

How VTE Screening Can Be Improved

July 31, 2020


A discussion on how thromboembolism research and care could benefit from progression in diagnostics.

New Data Expands the Risk Pool for Mortality From Elevated Pulmonary Artery Pressure

July 30, 2020


Patients with a mPAP of at least 19 mm Hg and pulmonary artery wedge pressure of 15 mm Hg or less had an adjusted hazard ratio for mortality of 1.71.

FDA Approves COPD Triple Therapy

July 24, 2020


The approval are based on a pair of recent phase 3 trials showing the safety and efficacy of budesonide/glycopyrrolate/formoterol fumarate.

Pediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Disease and COVID-19

July 24, 2020


Until more is known about long-term cardiac mechanisms behind MIS-C, providers could consider following Kawasaki disease guidelines for follow-up care

ATS Releases New Guidelines for Elective Pulmonary and Sleep Procedures

July 17, 2020


A two-week period of downward COVID-19 cases is needed before reigniting elective procedures.

Polygenic Risk Score Could Better Predict Severe COPD Risk

July 09, 2020


Genomics, in combination with patient demographic risks, could help better inform clinicians of persons at risk for worsened chronic pulmonary burden.

Scheduled Follow-Ups May Not Be Necessary for Pediatric Bronchiolitis

July 07, 2020


A noninferiority study showed parents were not more anxious when their discharged child was treated as-need—nor was their child at greater health risk.

Very Early Spring Onset Associated With Asthma-Related Hospital Admissions

July 07, 2020


There is also an association between late onset of spring and an increase in hospital admissions for asthma.

Developmental Disabilities Linked to Greater Pediatric Asthma Risk

July 02, 2020


ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, seizures, and even developmental delays are asssociated with a two-fold risk of asthma in US children.