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Evan Snitkin, PhD | Credit: Michigan Medicine
Hospital-Onset C Diff Not Linked to Cross-Transmission

September 19th 2023

Findings showed colonization with toxigenic C. difficile was associated with a greater risk of CDI during hospitalization than cross-transmission.

Paul Feuerstadt, MD | Credit: Yale School of Medicine
Majority of Patients with C Diff Willing to Use Rectally Administered Treatment

September 16th 2023

Xheni Deda, MD | Credit: University of Missouri School of Medicine
C Diff Associated with Increased Mortality in Patients with COVID-19

September 14th 2023

Jordan Baeker Bispo, PhD, MPH | Credit: American Cancer Society
Study Finds Only 1 in 4 Get Colorectal Cancer Screening Recommendation

September 11th 2023

Woman with stomach ache holding stomach | Credit: Fotolia
Fidaxomicin, Oral Metronidazole Demonstrate Similar Clinical Efficacy Among Patients With C Diff

September 7th 2023

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