C Difficile Infection

Burden of C. Diff Infections Decreasing in the US

May 04, 2020


The adjusted estimate of the burden of hospitalizations related to C. diff infections decreased by 24% between 2011-2017.

Psychological Conditions in Mother Impact Gut Immunity in Infants

March 05, 2020


Low fecal intestinal secretory immunoglobin A is commonly found in infants of mothers in the antepartum and persistent depression trajectories.

Investigators Link Farm Proximity Residence to C. Difficile

January 15, 2020


A new study finds women and patients with a recent history of hospitalization were more likely to be colonized with C. difficile.

ACG Investigators Identify Factors Linked to Colectomies

November 06, 2019


Miguel Regueiro, MD and George Khoudari, MD, both of the Cleveland Clinic, discuss predictors of colectomies for IBD-patients.

Loperamide's Role in Conjunction With Fecal Microbiota Transplantation to Treat Recurrent C difficile

October 30, 2019


FMT was highly successful for the treatment of recurrent C difficile, and the cure rate was similar between groups who did and did not receive loperamide prior to the procedure.

The Impact of C difficile on Hospitalized Patients With Ulcerative Colitis

October 29, 2019


Compared to hospitalized patients with ulcerative colitis but without C diff infection, hospitalized patients with ulcerative colitis and C diff experienced increased mortality.

Morbidity and Mortality Higher in Ulcerative Colitis Patients with Infections

October 28, 2019


In a new poster presented at the annual ACG meeting in San Antonio, researchers compare morbidity and mortality for ulcerative colitis patients with or without C. diff or CMV infections.

Infants Gain C. Difficile Immunity Early in Life

August 08, 2019


Early exposure to C. difficile helps infants stave off infection later in life.

Significant Costs Linked to Hospital-Acquired C. Difficile

July 29, 2019


New study identifies average cost and hospital length increase for hospital-acquired C. difficile.

FMT Benefits for IBS Care Are Inconclusive

July 17, 2019


New evidence from a cumulative RCT analysis suggests irritable bowel syndrome patients do not definitively benefit from FMT treatment.