John Botson, MD: Challenges Associated With Treating Gout

June 11, 2020


Gout must be treated every day rather than as a single event.

John Botson, MD: Understanding Gout and How to Treat It

June 10, 2020


John Botson, MD, defines gout and how it can be treated.

John Botson, MD: Pegloticase Plus Methotrexate For Gout

June 09, 2020


A clinical rheumatologist breaks down how the combination therapy can be used to treat uncontrolled gout.

Methotrexate and Pegloticase Treatment Improves Uncontrolled Gout

June 07, 2020


More patients maintain therapeutic response when treated concomitantly with methotrexate and pegloticase when compared to those who use pegloticase alone.

Dapansutrile Effective in Reducing Gout Joint Pain

April 13, 2020


Dapansutrile has substantial potential for further development for the treatment of gout flares and other NLRP3-mediated diseases.

Antihypertensive Medication Could Reduce Gout Risk

January 28, 2020


Compared with other antihypertensive medications, amlodipine was found to reduce risk of gout in older patients.

Q&A with Abdul Abdellatif, MD: New Era for Gout Patients

November 14, 2019


Abdul Abdellatif, MD, discusses during Kidney Week some treatment options for patients with gout.

Concurrent Methotrexate and Pegloticase as a Treatment for Uncontrolled Gout

November 13, 2019


Brian LaMoreaux, MD, medical director with Horizon Therapeutics, discusses response to concurrent methotrexate and pegloticase use for treating uncontrolled gout.

New Gout Guidelines Previewed at ACR 2019

November 10, 2019


American College of Rheumatology officials are offering clinicians an early look at some of the recommendations in the drafted gout guidelines the ACR is set to debut in 2020.

New Data Links Renal Transplant with Gout Comorbidity

September 27, 2019


Investigators at CCR West find that kidney transplant patients commonly suffer from gout, even before the transplant.