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Wavelengths of Relief: Green Light Could Mitigate, Even Sooth Migraines
Harvard researchers find that pure green light did not exacerbate pain in migraine sufferers, and may even reduce it by as much as 20%. The discovery could lead to innovations that make life much easier for those with frequent migraines.
You may have seen reports on the “treatment” on TV or heard that some of Beverley Hills’ richest citizens are raving about it, but whole body cryotherapy (WBC) doesn’t yet have the data to back up the many health benefits claimed by its boosters.
People with traumatic brain injury (TBI) often times suffer from serious headaches. But if the patient wants to take potentially addictive opioids off the table, what’s another option?
Many children and young adults with migraine have mild vitamin deficiencies – but does this mean that a causational relationship exists between the two conditions?
A migraine diagnosis in women could mean an elevated risk of cardiovascular disease, as well as a higher risk of dying from such conditions.
The US Food and Drug Administration is investigation the risk of burns in people who use the sumatriptan iontophoretic system, a device it approved in September.
Although light is known to exacerbate migraines and make them more unbearable, researchers recently discovered that a particular color of light can reduce the severity of the headache.
French researchers examined several factors that could contribute to an association between antiepileptic drug use and risk of suicide attempt.
Stroke and cardiovascular risks have been associated with the most common and effective classes of drugs to treat migraines, but new research shows that these concerns could be unjustified.

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