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Q&A With Gilmore O'Neill of Biogen International: Continuing to Learn About Multiple Sclerosis Treatment
Multiple sclerosis, especially in the relapsing form poses a variety of challenges for patient care. Keeping that in mind, the development of medications for the condition also take time to progress.
Q&A With Gilmore O'Neill of Biogen International: Weighing the Options for Multiple Sclerosis Medications
Developing drugs for conditions like multiple sclerosis takes a long time and a considerable amount of research. How the drugs are used, and changed is a delicate process undertaken between doctors and their patients over the course of the disease.
Q&A With Gilmore O'Neill of Biogen International: Tecfidera as MS Treatment Leader
Chronic conditions like multiple sclerosis require constant monitoring by doctors and patients, As time goes on medication and treatment options may need to be changed. Tecfidera, one popular treatment option has become a popular choice in patient care.
The 10 Most Livable Mid-Sized Cities
Where is the ideal place to live in the United States? What factors go into choosing the best place for you and your family to settle long term? The AARP Public Policy Institute released their first results from a new “livability index” recently, naming the top cities and neighborhoods to live long into retirement.
Multiple Sclerosis, Crohn's Drug Used in HIV Targeted Therapy
Natalizumab, a drug typically used to treat multiple sclerosis and Crohn’s disease, has been shown to be effective in treating animal models of HIV.
Stem Cell Transplant Reduces Multiple Sclerosis Disease Activity
Stem cell transplants significantly reduce multiple sclerosis disease activity better than mitoxantrone, according to research published in Neurology.

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