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Acetaminophen Blunts Emotions
Acetaminophen Blunts Emotions
Research indicates that acetaminophen appears to have a general blunting effect on patients’ evaluative and emotional processing, regardless of negative or positive valence.
Poor Quality of Sleep Associated with Increased Pain Severity
Genetic mutations are not solely to blame for increased neuropathic pain and the way pain is processed in the brain. Norwegian researchers identified a link between a person’s quality of sleep and pain sensitivity.
Surprising Way to Manage Post-Surgery Pain, No Prescription Required
Cell phones may offer more than just a way to connect to people around the world. A study from researchers at Cornell University has linked use of the technology to pain reduction.
Q&A With Gary Franklin, MD, MPH, FAAN, of the University of Washington: The Opioid Epidemic: Where Do We Go From Here?
The opioid epidemic began nearly 30 years ago and since that time small steps have been taken to reverse its effects. The question remains whether too much damage has already been done to fix the problems in a timely manner.
Q&A With Gary Franklin, MD, MPH, FAAN, of the University of Washington: The Opioid Epidemic: Where Did it Begin
For many years the dangers of opioid addiction have been well known. Taking the steps needed to reverse its impact has been slower in taking hold across the country.
Surgical Treatment of Acute Compartment Syndrome
Acute compartment syndrome is a surgical emergency of increased pressure within one of the body's muscle- and nerve-containing compartments, usually in the leg or arm. It occurs when accumulation of necrotic debris and hemorrhage (especially after fracture) increases intra-compartmental pressure, and that pressure exceeds the interstitium’s capillary perfusion pressure.
Gene Mutation Associated with Rare Disease Key to Pain Processing
Canada- and Switzerland-based researchers discovered that a specific gene, that is typically associated with a rare disease, plays an important role in how pain is processed in the body.

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