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J. Michael Bostwick from Mayo Clinic: Are Cannabinoids a Viable Treatment Option for Neuropathic Pain
As more states across the country legalize marijuana in a variety of forms the usefulness of cannabinoids as a treatment method for people with neuropathic pain remains a question that many studies have explored.
Study results confirm that anxiety and depression before surgery can significantly influence the amount of pain a patient feels after surgery, adding to the evidence that the subjective experience of pain is worth considering, both before and after a pain intervention.
Half of diabetic patients experience diabetic neuropathies, and the total number of cases will increase annually alongside the ever-increasing diabetes incidence rate.
As patients seek help for chronic and acute pain problems doctors and health care professionals continue to seek new treatment options beyond surgery and medication.
With a continually growing opioid addiction new guidelines have been adopted looking to help fight this problem across the population. Some concerns have been raised about whether this will cause doctors to shy away from prescribing the medications for patients who can benefit most from them.
The central nervous system plays a role in painful diabetic peripheral nerve disease, according to findings presented in the journal Pain.
Neuropathic pain patients who are not prescribed opioid medications (such as morphine, codeine, and Tylenol 3) may experience more improvements in physical function.
Temple University Researchers suggest that a guideline created by Temple University Hospital and Temple University Hospital-Episcopal Campus for prescribing opioids in order to maximize safety and avoid misuse appears to significantly decrease the rate of opioid prescribing for minor and chronic non-cancer pain complaints in an acute care setting.
Recently published reports show the immune system of spinal cord patients can be controlled using a family of therapeutic stem cells.

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