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Guideline Cuts Inappropriate Opioid Prescription
Temple University Researchers suggest that a guideline created by Temple University Hospital and Temple University Hospital-Episcopal Campus for prescribing opioids in order to maximize safety and avoid misuse appears to significantly decrease the rate of opioid prescribing for minor and chronic non-cancer pain complaints in an acute care setting.
Recently published reports show the immune system of spinal cord patients can be controlled using a family of therapeutic stem cells.
While not currently covered under recently passed law new research has shown a potential need to help first responders from World Trade Center attack.
Electrostimulation is becoming a growing trend in medicine as researchers find new ways to help patients better manage their pain symptoms.
Readmissions are a concern and a dilemma for hospitals across the nation as the federal government docks facilities when patients are readmitted within 30 days of discharge. It has caused a surge in research about the causes of readmission and strategies to avoid them.
A recent study compared outcomes following surgery to release of the first branch of the lateral plantar nerve with or without calcaneal drilling for resistant plantar fasciitis.
Study results suggest that lidocaine injection might be better than ischemic compression in treating chronic pelvic pain in women.
A recent review provides a sobering picture of the missing clinical links in research regarding current pharmacological treatment for chronic postoperative pain.
While it’s been observed that medical marijuana helps reduce intensity in painful conditions, the benefits may have some limitations.

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