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MGMA and AMA Announce 'Practice Innovation Challenge' Winners
MGMA and AMA Announce 'Practice Innovation Challenge' Winners
The American Medical Association and the Medical Group Management Association this week honored five medical practices for using outside-the-box thinking to help physicians thrive in a changing healthcare environment.
Is Travel the New Philanthropy?
Giving back to travel destinations is popular with Americans. More than half of Americans surveyed gave money, time, or goods while on a vacation in the past two years.
Mobile Health Technology Impacts Quality and Cost
The adoption of mobile healthcare technology continues to gain steam—at least as far as consumers are concerned. And yet, physicians—often seen as the key driver for patient mobile health adoption—are not mirroring the acceptance registered by consumers.
Advice to a Banking Dropout
Bankers have a lot to teach healthcare, particularly since they are among the top three most highly regulated industries along with construction.
MGMA 2015: Gawande Calls for 'Pit Crew' Approach
The age of the “cowboy” specialist is coming to an end. The future of the medicine is a “pit crew” model. That's the message Atul Gawande, MD, MPH, gave to the Medical Group Management Association Monday.
The PMD Critical List: Doctors Dropping the Ball on Alcohol Dangers
A new National Institutes of Health study finds physicians aren’t doing much to warn college students of the dangers of alcohol. That story tops this week’s PMD critical list. Also on the list: A look at football-related fatalities, and a closer look at anti-vaccine sentiment.
The Pickup Line
When developing and ultimately selling an idea, entrepreneurs must do considerable leg work, then be able to distill their idea into a simple, compelling story.

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