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  • Feelings of Material Entitlement Lead To Financial Failure
  • Vilnius, Lithuania: UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Employed Physicians Face Unique Financial Challenges
  • What No One on Wall Street Will Tell You About Investing
  • 5 Most Common Procedures in US Hospitals
There is one area where borrowing continues to explode: student debt. Most notably, the total volume of outstanding student loans in the US has tripled over the past decade to a point where it has now outstripped that credit-card debt, and auto loans.
From 2003-2010, physicians made one malpractice payment for every 1,994 Americans. However, some states had much higher rates.
The dollar just logged its longest winning streak in more than 17 years, rising against a broad basket of currencies for nine straight weeks. It is up over 3% this year and nearly 18% since hitting its 2011 low.
For a billionaire like Mark Cuban, a regular on the TV show Shark Tank, investing in a private company is okay. But not for almost everyone else.
As Scotland moves forward from its rejection of independence, Eric Anderson, MD, profiles a physician who's made a name for himself playing a uniquely Scottish instrument -- the bagpipes.
Employed physicians face a unique set of financial challenges, but a new survey suggests many doctors aren’t fully prepared to face those hurdles.
A bill introduced in Congress this week would shorten the 2015 reporting period for the US Department of Health and Human Services' Electronic Health Records incentive program.
A coalition of 17 medical associations and trade groups is calling on the US Department of Health and Human Services to amend its reporting 2015 requirements for the Medicare and Medicaid Electronic Health Record Incentive Program.
The Veterans Administration hopes a new pay scale will help the agency recruit new physicians and dentists and improve the services the embattled agency provides to veterans.
There are many reasons to visit the Baltic States. One is that they are oozing with history and beauty. Another is that they are good value. And lastly, it is interesting to see what these tiny nations are like today after years of domination, the last being Soviet and brutal.
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