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Don't Skip Whale Watching If You're Visiting Canada
Don't Skip Whale Watching If You're Visiting Canada
The Saguenay-St. Laurence Marine Park, Tadoussac, Canada, offers exciting whale watching within a two to three-hour drive of Québec City – and you don't want to miss it.
The Failure of The 401k
Last week, I talked about the pros and cons of how the “Greatest Generation” employees would spend their entire careers with the same company, because at retirement they would get a lifetime pension.
Top 5 Ways Yoga Helps Make Me a Millionaire
After a decade of hardly exercising, I decided to take care of my health at last. I started a 30 day yoga challenge, doing home yoga practice with YouTube instructor the same time I started recording “30 Day Mindful Financial Practice with Dr. Wise Money.”
Are You a Frugal Without a Cause?
When delayed gratification becomes indefinite gratification, you might be a Frugal Without a Cause.
How To Rewire
Expected retirement and actual age depends on income and education.
The PMD Critical List: The NFL's Top Physician Gets the Boot
A rheumatologist with the National Football League (NFL), who led a committee that repeatedly denied the football-concussion link, was reportedly forced to quit. That story tops this week’s PMD Critical List.
How To Screw Up Online Medical Practice Marketing
Private practice is under siege, so it is imperative that you practice Othercare.
Boosting Practice Revenue Reduces Stress, Enhances Lifestyle
Would you like to enhance your quality of life while lowering your workload? How about minimizing stress in your life? Or increasing potential net profits for your practice – all while maintaining or improving quality patient care?
Quebec City: Where to Go in the 2016 Best City in Canada
Québec City won Travel and Leisure magazine’s top spot for cities in Canada to visit as part of the publication’s World’s Best Awards, a reader/user generated survey.

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