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7 Traits of a “Highly Effective” Doctor
7 Traits of a “Highly Effective” Doctor
I am one of those guys who can say that his father was his hero. My physician-dad set a fine example—both as a man and a doctor. A man of few words, you had to watch his actions to learn his ways.
The Number One Challenge Facing Rural Healthcare in 2017
The number one challenge facing rural healthcare organizations in 2017 is the talent shortage.
How To Build a Crowd
There are many reasons to build a crowd. Crowd funding must have a crowd. Innovation takes a crowd. New product development and post market surveillance takes a crowd. Building a non-profit takes a crowd. Intrapreneurship takes a crowd. But, how do you do it?
8 Ways to Lower the Doctors Price Tag & Build Wealth
Walk the talk. Health translates into wealth exponentially. Focus on your health, physical, psychological, spiritual, and financial health. How can you be a health care provider if you are not health yourself? True, our career demands so much from us that it’s challenging to be stay healthy, more so than any other career. But we like challenges; that’s why we choose medicine as a way to serve. So now, rise up to the challenge and exemplify the health that you teach your patients to work toward.
It's Never Too Late to Reduce Spending to Achieve Financial Freedom
Cutting annual spending from $200,000 to $120,000 can shave about 30 years off a physician's career.
Is Your Organization a Switch Hitter?
The latest trend in management theory is what's called organizational ambidexterity. It's the social scientist's take on being a switch hitter.

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