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10 States with the Highest Rates of Injury-Related Deaths
10 States with the Highest Rates of Injury-Related Deaths
Injuries are the leading cause of death for people ages 1 to 44, and injury-related deaths are on the rise in 17 of the nation’s 50 states. These 10 states reported the highest rates of injury-related deaths.
The Formula for Physicians Investing in Real Estate
What are the first few things that physicians should consider before they invest in real estate?
Beauty School Drop Out
What if doctors' offices were run like beauty salons? There could be many benefits for both patients and physicians.
Simple But Good Advice
A few simple tips can go a long way toward keeping you in good health. The same is true for your financial health.
Poland: Travel Imagined for More Than 70 Years
A trip through Poland brings memories of a painful past, but also the inspiration of a people who could not be broken.
Smart Glass Technology Improves Patient Communication and Practice Efficiency
Smart-glass technology, such as Google Glass, may not have taken off in the consumer market yet. But a tech company is making inroads leveraging the technology in physicians' offices.
The PMD Critical List: Hospitals That Make You Sick
A new Consumer Reports ranking looks at the hospitals with the highest rates of Hospital-Associated Infections. That story tops this week’s PMD Critical List. Also on the list, a look at how doctors can benefit from social media, and some last-minute advice for ICD-10.

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