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Physician Fitness: Embrace Your Inner Wild Child with Snowboarding
Physician Fitness: Embrace Your Inner Wild Child with Snowboarding
An increasingly popular winter sport, snowboarding has its own attitude and culture, superstars, and fancy equipment. It's a great way to spend time outdoors and work every muscle in your body.
The Largest Direct Selling Companies in the World
Whether you remember you mom buying baking soda from the Watkins Lady, or your Facebook feed is filled with Team Beachbody encouragement posts, everyone is familiar with direct selling companies. Here's a list of the world's largest, including some you may not be familiar with.
Your Beneficiary Checklist
Designating beneficiaries can be a simple act, but it also requires regular upkeep as life circumstances change. Here's a list of items to consider as you prepare and update your estate plan.
Death, Taxes, and Much More
A high-stress job like the practice of medicine can lead to a number of side-effects. But it's better to get them out in the open than pretend they don't exist.
Use Caution When Booking International Flights
Third-party travel deal websites can be convenient when searching for flights. However, they can be anything but convenient when booking with certain international carriers.
When Is Good Enough Good Enough?
We all want to give doctors and patients what they need to do a better job. But, at some point, the cost of marginal improvements beyond a certain inflection point will not justify the results.
5 Reasons to Visit Winchester, VA
Small towns make great getaways, especially in fall when rows of trees with red and yellow leaves line the sidewalks and the surrounding hillsides billow with color. Winchester, in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, adds interesting museums, Civil War history, a comfortable hotel and more.

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