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Physician Fitness: Tai Chi in Motion
Physician Fitness: Tai Chi in Motion
Watch almost any film set in the country of China and at some point the camera will pan past a group of citizens practicing the graceful exercise of Tai Chi. This ancient martial arts practice may look slow, but make no mistake, it's exercise.
Savings Bonds Offer Safety Without Sizzle
There are better, more interesting investments than savings bonds. But the tried and true investment does have its advantages.
Will Consolidation Increase or Decrease the Cost of Healthcare?
Consolidation is already occurring at a rapid pace within the healthcare industry. That will lead to clashes between payers, providers and others. But will it lead to lower costs for consumers?
Self-Employed Can Still Cut 2014 Taxes with a Retirement Plan
If you haven’t filed your 2014 return, you can get a deduction for retirement plan contributions until October.
The Worst Airlines for Delays
While air travel in general is remarkably safe and efficient, one constant fact of air travel are delays and cancellations over which the traveler has no control. These airlines are the worst offenders
The Key to Timing the Market Is: Don't
No one knows where exactly the stock market is headed, but a sound financial strategy is the best way to counter whatever turns the market takes.
The World's Top 10 Castle Hotels
You don't have to be royalty to live in a castle -- at least for a few nights. These 10 castles offer the royal experience for surprisingly low prices.
47% of Primary Care Doctors Think About Quitting
A new survey of primary care providers shows many doctors are thinking about early retirement or changing careers.
When Focusing on Patient Experience, Forget the Men
Many patients have bad customer service experience when they receive healthcare. As the industry moves to improve, they ought to look to the people making most healthcare decisions -- women.
Glorious Greece: Historians' Fascination and Lord Byron's Obsession
Even at a time of great challenges, visitors cannot help but marvel at the glorious history of Greece and its capital, Athens.

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