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11 Inexpensive European Discoveries
11 Inexpensive European Discoveries
With favorable exchange rates, now is a great time to explore Europe -- even if you're on a budget. These 11 money-saving tips will help you avoid emptying your wallet.
Seniors and Faulty Investment Decision Making: Science Makes an Impact
At least 5 million senior citizens fall victim to financial scams in the United States each year. Some are left penniless. New science shows one cause of these poor choices is a specific neurological deficit.
Why Stock Market Swings Shouldn't Spook You
Recent headlines about the stock market probably made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. But a wider view makes clear there's no need to be spooked.
What If EMRs Were Classified as Medical Devices?
Electronic Medical Records aren't considered medical devices by government agencies. If they were, the products currently on the market might have trouble getting approved.
A Physician Contract Horror Story
Picture this, imagine this. You just started a new position. You are so excited! You HATED the last job with a passion. You couldn’t wait to leave. You’re whistling and humming. You are so happy! You go to check the mailbox- see a letter addressed to you. You open it up. WHAM! It hits you like a freight train. A bill for $184,000.
National Park Vacations: New Initiative Makes Parks Free for Fourth-Graders
The Obama Administration this month launched a program that allows fourth-graders and their families free admission to national parks.
Unaware, Unconvinced, Unable, Unclear: Why Doctors Don't Follow Treatment Guidelines
The evidence shows that your doctor is not very good at complying with treatment guidelines. Why? Probably because they are unaware, unconvinced, or unable, or the guidelines are unclear.
What Are the Best Jobs of 2015?
A new survey show physicians are among the highest paid professionals in the US. However, high pay doesn't always translate into high job satisfaction.
Older Practitioners Should Move Over. . . Not So Fast
Technology has created a major culture and communication gap between older and younger practitioners, and sometimes between practitioners and patients. As practices change hands, careful planning can smooth the generational transition and improve patient care.
A Game of Risk
When most people think of investing, they think of buying stocks or setting money aside in an environment account. However, there are a number of less-common, and riskier, investment vehicles you might consider.

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