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Do You Need a Financial Advisor?
Do You Need a Financial Advisor?
When many people think of working with a financial advisor, they think of millionaires, inheritors, or lottery winners. But financial advisors aren’t just for the very rich.
The Magic of the Greek Islands – With Santorini the Icing on the Cake
Many experienced travelers will tell you, "See Naples and Die." However, Naples doesn't hold us as a romantic destination when compared to the Greek island of Santorini.
Pensions Are Back!
Pensions have just about disappeared. However, the benefits of a pension are still attainable.
Why Are You Ignoring Employed and Senior Doctors?
Employed and senior doctors need the education, resources, and networks to succeed in a medical world where the changing future of work is being created daily.
5 Simple Steps to Paying Down Debt
One of the key obstacles to a good saving and investing strategy is accumulated debt. Debt can impact healthcare professionals of all ages and at all stages in their careers.
For Pediatrician, Medicine and Fashion Are a Perfect Fit
A pediatrician's dissatisfaction with standard order scrubs led her to become a fashion entrepreneur.
How to Neutralize Hostile-Aggressive Co-Workers
You can tell how much you are innovating by the quality and quantity of the enemies you make. Some will try to run you over and others will take shots from under cover 1,000 yards away.
The PMD Critical List: The Price Tag of ICD-10
Transitioning to ICD-10 is far from inexpensive. A look at the average cost of the transition tops this week’s PMD Critical List. Also on the list: A look at physician pay relative to other professions, and new data on the diversity of the nation’s medical students.
PMD's Most Popular Stories for the Week Ending Aug. 28
Here's a look at the five most popular stories on Physician's Money Digest for the week ending Aug. 28.
10 Reasons Why People Fear Physician Entrepreneurs
Physician entrepreneurship should not be feared, but encouraged. Yes, doctors can chew gum and walk at the same time and that's good for patients.

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