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Is Your Organization a Switch Hitter?
The latest trend in management theory is what's called organizational ambidexterity. It's the social scientist's take on being a switch hitter.
How Much Do Doctors Make and How Do They Feel About It?
What are the highest and lowest paid specialties and do they feel they're fairly compensated?
The Value of Eliminating Sedentary Lifestyles
It’s not just Americans’ weight that’s increasing their health risks, it’s their sedentary lifestyle. Or more simply put, inactivity.
Cash in on Some Money Humor
We all know 1) people don’t like to laugh about their money and 2) people will laugh if it can break the tension in our anxieties about money.
The US Destinations That Deliver the Greatest Satisfaction
Las Vegas, Austin, Orlando, New York, and Columbus deliver the most satisfaction to travelers, according to the J.D. Power 2016 Destination Experience Satisfaction Study.

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