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National Park Vacations: New Initiative Makes Parks Free for Fourth-Graders
National Park Vacations: New Initiative Makes Parks Free for Fourth-Graders
The Obama Administration this month launched a program that allows fourth-graders and their families free admission to national parks.
Unaware, Unconvinced, Unable, Unclear: Why Doctors Don't Follow Treatment Guidelines
The evidence shows that your doctor is not very good at complying with treatment guidelines. Why? Probably because they are unaware, unconvinced, or unable, or the guidelines are unclear.
What Are the Best Jobs of 2015?
A new survey show physicians are among the highest paid professionals in the US. However, high pay doesn't always translate into high job satisfaction.
Older Practitioners Should Move Over. . . Not So Fast
Technology has created a major culture and communication gap between older and younger practitioners, and sometimes between practitioners and patients. As practices change hands, careful planning can smooth the generational transition and improve patient care.
A Game of Risk
When most people think of investing, they think of buying stocks or setting money aside in an environment account. However, there are a number of less-common, and riskier, investment vehicles you might consider.
Do You Need a Financial Advisor?
When many people think of working with a financial advisor, they think of millionaires, inheritors, or lottery winners. But financial advisors aren’t just for the very rich.
The Magic of the Greek Islands – With Santorini the Icing on the Cake
Many experienced travelers will tell you, "See Naples and Die." However, Naples doesn't hold us as a romantic destination when compared to the Greek island of Santorini.
Pensions Are Back!
Pensions have just about disappeared. However, the benefits of a pension are still attainable.
Why Are You Ignoring Employed and Senior Doctors?
Employed and senior doctors need the education, resources, and networks to succeed in a medical world where the changing future of work is being created daily.
5 Simple Steps to Paying Down Debt
One of the key obstacles to a good saving and investing strategy is accumulated debt. Debt can impact healthcare professionals of all ages and at all stages in their careers.

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