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Healthcare Entities Recognize the Value of Cybersecurity
Healthcare Entities Recognize the Value of Cybersecurity
A data breach can cost a healthcare provider more than $350 per affected record. Thus, healthcare organizations can't afford to ignore cyber security.
4 Can't-Miss Stops on Southwest Germany's Beer Trail
What makes German beer so good? The German Beer Purity Law, passed in 1516. The 500th anniversary of the law is a great time to visit Southwest Germany's breweries.
The PMD Critical List: An Uber for Healthcare?
Will housecalls make a comeback via on-demand services like Uber? That story tops this week’s PMD Critical List. Also making the list: Five reasons physicians fail as leaders, and what’s behind the rise in the number of osteopaths?
The Dreaded 'C' Diagnosis and Bankruptcy
Physicians are all too familiar with the physical toll cancer takes on patients. However, doctors must also be aware of the increasing financial toll that comes with the diagnosis.
Should We Cap Hospital CEO Salaries?
Many are demanding that Congress cap CEO salaries, arguing chief executives' pay often outstrips their performance. Would such a model make sense in healthcare?
PMD's Most Popular Stories for the Week Ending Feb. 5
Here's a look at the five most popular stories on PMD for the week that ended Feb. 5.
5 Cruise Ship Travel Trends and 'Wave Season' Deals
Get a deal on a cruise voyage by taking advantage of current promotions. We’re in the heart of "wave season," typically January to March, when cruise lines attempt to lure passengers to book future voyages by dangling promotions and time-limited deals.
The Price of Gas and Its Impact on Your Investments
The low, low price of gasoline is good for your wallet. But is it good for your investments?
It's Time To Take The Road Less Traveled: The 4 Pillars of Innovation Adoption
This article builds on the eight essentials of innovation, discussing the four components that need to be in place for successful implementation.

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