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The 9 States with the Highest Drunk Driving Rates
The 9 States with the Highest Drunk Driving Rates
Nationally, 1.9% of adults admit to driving while drunk at least once in the past 30 days. These states have rates even higher than the national average.
When It Comes to Summer Travel: Kids Are the Boss
Summer brings out the family travel surveys. According to HomeAway, an online vacation rental marketplace, kids influence where families go on vacation.
Winning the Healthcare Revolution
Winning the healthcare revolution will take extraordinary leadership and organizational skills. Perhaps combat fatigues are more appropriate than white coats and scrub suits.
We Have ‘Low Inflation?’ - Really…?
Officially, inflation has stayed relatively low coming out of the Great Recession. But columnist Jeff Brown says in the real world, that number seems grossly out of touch.
3 Consumer Sector Bargains with Great Growth Potential
The first quarter earnings season is about to end, and the majority of consumer staples stocks have already announced their financial results. While the category as a whole has seen mixed results, these 3 stocks have strong potential.
China:Through the Looking Glass—A Do-Not-Miss Exhibit
Even the most jaded museum attendee will marvel at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's "China: Through the Looking Glass" exhibit, which comes off like an extravaganza. Here the influence of China on Western fashion is showcased. East combined with West makes dressing more like theater than simply covering the body for the sake of modesty or warmth.
Revealed: The Truth About Annuities for Physicians
There is perhaps no topic more divisive in the investment community than annuities. Some people hate ‘em; some love ‘em. Research shows that lifetime income is what physicians and their families need. Annuities can provide it, but there are drawbacks.
Burned Out? So Sue Me.
Medical resident burnout has reached epidemic levels. Of course, in the land of crisis, this is not the first we've heard of this. We would prefer to stick our heads in the sand, but this pesky little problem just won't go away.
20 Great Quotes About Happiness
Government interference, mounting regulations, less time with patients, technology overload, and other factors make it difficult to be a doctor today. Here are 20 famous quotes to provide inspiration.
Regulators Warn of Cyber Threat to Financial Stability
Regulators are increasingly concerned about the threat that cyber attacks pose to financial stability after assaults on Sony Pictures and Target highlighted the proliferating range of techniques used by digital raiders.

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