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Travel Apps: Tour with a Local
Travel Apps: Tour with a Local
Traveling like a resident instead of a tourist has long been a goal for many vacationers. Now there are apps for that, creating ways for you to meet locals as tour guides so you accumulate experiences rather than just check things off your bucket list.
What Physicians Can Learn from History's Great Leaders
As physicians, we may not have been taught certain leadership skills during our training, but we can learn them. There have been some great historical examples of leaders that we can use today to help us grow into the kind of leaders that we need to be in order to affect positive change.
The Money Illusion Illuminates in the Medical World
Just as in medicine, psychology remains dominant over science or math, fantasy over reality.
5 Lessons Medicine Should Learn from Pokémon Go
In less than one week, Pokémon Go has become a worldwide cultural phenomenon. While Nintendo may be the one laughing all the way to the bank, here are some lessons we, in medicine, should learn from Pokémon Go.
Internist Switches Gears to Practice Financial Planning
When Joel Greenwald, MD, counsels physicians on how to manage their money, they listen. But not just because he’s a successful financial planner who works exclusively with dentists and physicians.
How Should We Measure The Value of Health IT?
Ask most doctors and they will tell you that EMRs and other digital health products, like telemedicine platforms, are more of a problem than a solution and that they fail to see the benefits.
10 Reasons I’m Not Shopping for 3 Years
I thought that I had a ridiculously high savings rate, allowing me to retire by 2023, within 2.8 years of finishing fellowship. Most (soon-to-be) radiologists look at me like I'm some sort of weirdo who derives pleasure from “beneath-average-physician-standard-of-living” and obsessed with saving.

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