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You are Your Greatest Asset: Income Replacement and Disability Insurance: Part 1
You are Your Greatest Asset: Income Replacement and Disability Insurance: Part 1
In my 26 years of work experience, when I ask physicians what their greatest asset is, invariably the answer I get is along the lines of a 401(k), a house, savings, or a car. But if you give the question some thought, the answer is that you are your greatest asset.
Post-Olympic Self-Assessment on Scoring Goals and Getting Gold
With the Olympics fresh on everyone's mind, goals and gold are at the forefront as people watched their country's best compete for the ultimate individual prize and athletic accomplishment.
Withdrawing Your Money From a Mutual Fund
Do you have money put aside for an emergency? If you were unable to work for a period of time, do you have money to pay your mortgage and put food on the table? How many months of living expenses could you easily put your hands on?
6 Things PGY2 Skimps On
I wrote about 6 things I splurge on with my limited PGY2 60k annual income. Today I’ll share 6 things I skimp on which gives me the money to splurge on what I care about without stopping me from accomplishing my financial goals, including paying off my student loans, maxing out 23.5k of Roth space (18k in Roth 403b and 5.5k in Roth IRA), and this year maxing out 14k in Mini Wise Money’s 529 college savings plan.
Money, Achievement, Fame, & Suicidal Ideation
Michael Phelps had everything in 2014. He was retired with millions, but had nothing to live for until he found what was missing: Purpose.
How To Spot a Doctor Who Is Not an Entrepreneur
There are many misinterpretations on what it means to be a physician entrepreneur. Because people, particularly other doctors, fear what they don't understand,
Plan Ahead for These Two Western Fall Adventures
Enjoy autumn’s crisp air and vibrant foliage even more by treating yourself to a special adventure. These two western adventures offer new perspectives, one on the landscape and the other on the inner life of horses.

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