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Wanted: Chief Future Officer
Wanted: Chief Future Officer
Kurt Vonnegut thought we needed a Secretary of the Future. Suppose your healthcare organization hired someone to be the Chief Future Officer?
Uh-Oh! I forgot About Getting Paid for My Products
Getting your ideas to patients can be overwhelming. Getting paid for them is another story.
Report: Patients' Health Costs Jumped 13% in 2015
Patients are feeling more of a squeeze when it comes to funding their healthcare, according to a new report.
To Boost Loyalty, Forget Wait Times and Focus on Patient Peace of Mind
A study of patient satisfaction data shows patients tend to be highly satisfied when they have confidence in their physician and when they feel the staff does a good job of communicating.
The PMD Critical List: Cheap Lunch Influences Doctors
Can a free meal from a drug company influence a doctor’s prescribing habits? Apparently so, even if the meal is a cheap one, according to the top story in this week’s PMD Critical List.
Overcoming the Biggest Challenge of Rural Healthcare
Rural areas have 25% of the population, and yet they've got only 9% of the physicians. The problem: physician recruitment and retention. The solution: it's easier than you think.
Happiness is an Early Retirement
Science has studied happiness. Here are 10 things you can do to be happier, most of which will be much easier done as an early retiree.
Pitfalls of Undergraduate Health Innovation Education
More and more universities are setting up entrepreneurship centers for undergraduate students. While the idea is laudable, those who invest time and money in such centers need to have realistic expectations.
First, Learn the Anatomy and Physiology of Your Innovation Ecosystem
Innovation ecosystems are just as complex as human anatomy. Be sure you don't cut the basic science classes before trying to see patients at the bedside.

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