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While many Americans came out of the recession feeling like they were in better control of their finances, one age group has definitely been the most affected by the financial crisis of 2008.
Americans—regardless of age, income, and education—have proven to be pretty awful at handling their personal finances. Given the choice between saving and spending a sudden windfall, they’re more likely to spend the money.
Attitudes toward investments are very strongly correlated to how they are performing at the time. Gold was preferred in 2011 and real estate in 2002. So what do investors like best today?
If you used relative strength rebalancing in your investment strategy, you could have added an additional 5.3% on to any returns over the last 20 years.
Ever since the financial crisis of 2008, many people have openly doubted the viability of achieving the American dream. These 3 tips will help pre-retirees and retirees preserve their wealth.
The country may only understand the most basic effect the Affordable Care Act will have on the lives of Americans as new studies find the law’s reach will be more widespread than realized.
Physicians have a much larger impact beyond simply providing care. In 2012, they contributed $1.6 trillion in economic activity and supported nearly 10 million jobs nationwide.
The costs for specialty drugs consume an increasing portion of overall healthcare spending, but a new report found possible savings by transitioning these medications from the medical to the pharmacy benefit.
For most Americans, summer is vacation time; however, little else can ruin a trip like getting sick. Often, this is as small as a runny nose and a cough, but sometimes the illnesses travelers pick up can be far more serious.
Visits to Kent, known as the "Garden of England," and Cumbria's Lake District are 2 options for those looking to venture outside of London.
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Jeff Brown, MD
Reverse mortgages have been advertised more and more during the recent run-up in home prices, but not every senior is a good candidate for one.
Mike Hennessy
Focusing only on the number of people who have enrolled for insurance through the exchanges ignores indications that the ACA is failing in its primary mission.
Setu Mazumdar, MD
The majority of physicians are not in the top income tax bracket, which means they probably aren't making as much income as they should. So how can you fix this?
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Financial Future
What do you expect your financial situation to be a year from now?
Money Arguments
Have you ever argued with someone about money?
Student Loans
How long did it take you to pay off your student loans?
Private Practice
Do you think the reported death of private practice has been exaggerated?
Do you think ACA's online marketplaces will succeed or fail?
Do you think you're a frugal person?
2013 Summer Vacation
How much are you planning to spend on vacation this summer?
Twitter Advice
Have you ever given medical or financial advice on Twitter?
Have you ever fallen victim to pickpockets while on vacation?
Do you think your fellow countryman and women are poorly behaved tourists?
Student Loans
Do you have any regrets about how you financed your/your child's college education?
Do you subscribe to the investing theory to "Sell in May and go away"?
What is your specialty?
Do money discussions make you uncomfortable?
Practice Business
Who handles the business side of your practice?
Do you think gold's price has recovered from recent volatility or will it fall again?
Have you ever been deposed as an expert before?
Payroll Tax
Have you felt the effect of January's payroll tax increase?
Have you ever fallen victim to a financial scam?
Cost of Living
Would you be willing to move to another state if it meant a cheaper cost of living?
Social Media
Do you use social media to interact with patients/clients/consumers?
Retirement Savings
What’s your biggest retirement financial concern?
Tax Refund
How will you be using your tax refund this year?
Finance Crisis
It has been five years since the financial crisis. Do you feel more or less financially prepared as a result of the crisis?
Are you feeling burned out?
Real Estate
Would you invest in real estate right now?
Job Satisfaction
What do you consider to be the largest factor for your job satisfaction?
Have you noticed an increase in physician turnover where you work?
Should our political leaders intervene in citizens' health with things like soda taxes?
Have you ever been audited?
How satisfied are you with your EMR/EHR?
Have you been involved in medical malpractice litigation?
Sequestration took effect on Friday; were you surprised Congress wasn't able to make another last-minute deal?
Tax Cheating
Is it acceptable to cheat on your taxes?
EHR Productivity
How long after launching an EHR did it take for your practice to return to full productivity?
Are you comfortable networking and promoting yourself?
Do you think Congress will prevent the across-the-board budget cuts when it's back in session?
Emergency funds
Do you have sufficient emergency funds?
Tax Refund 2013
Will you be receiving a tax refund this year?
Sunshine Act
How well do you know and understand the Sunshine Act?
Money and Relationships
Do you and your significant other discuss finances often?
Super Bowl
Will you be betting on the Super Bowl this weekend?
U.S. stocks recently passed five-year highs; what are your expectations for the rest of 2013?
Have you had any experience with overdiagnosis or misdiagnosis?
Back Taxes
Do you have any back taxes to file?
Online Reviews
Do you check online physician reviews from patients?
What has been your experience with Accountable Care Organizations?
Tax Prep
Have you started thinking about your taxes?
Did you make any New Year's resolutions?
Fiscal Cliff Legislation
Are you happy with the legislation Congress passed to avert the fiscal cliff?
2012 recap
Was 2012 a good year for you financially?
Markets 2013
What are your expectations for the stock market in 2013?
Would you ever in invest in penny stocks?
Do you blog as part of your marketing plan?
Will you still accept Medicare and Medicaid patients in 2013?
How well are you managing work-life balance?
Are you considering retiring abroad?
Fiscal Cliff Coverage
How closely are you following the fiscal cliff story?
How often do you e-prescribe?
End of Year 2012
Have you made all your tax-planning and investment moves for the end of 2012 yet?
Holiday Shopping 2012
Do you go shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday for holiday gifts?
SGR 2013
What's the fate of the expected 27% Medicare reimbursement cut?
Fiscal Cliff
Do you think Congress will avert the fiscal cliff by the end of 2012?
Stocks React to Election
How will the stock market react in the week following the election?
Election 2012
Is your mind already made up about the presidential election?
Tax Climate
How is the business tax climate where you live?
V.P. Debate 2012
What did you think of the V.P. debate last week?
Presidential Debate 2012
How do you think President Obama’s poor debate performance will affect the election?
Abbott Laboratories
Should Abbott's Richard Gonzalez get a free pass on the lie about his college degrees considering his 30-plus years of work experience at Abbott?
Retirement Savings
How confident are you that you're currently saving enough to live comfortably during retirement?
Are you happy with the Fed's third round of quantitative easing?
Stocks and Election
The conventions are over and we're into election season. How do you think the stock market will behave until Nov. 7?
Have you seen cost of services go up as independent practices are acquired by hospitals and hospital systems?
Mobile EHR
Would you like to be able to access an EHR from your mobile device?
Would you invest in real estate right now?