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Just Say NO to Whole Life
Just Say NO to Whole Life
I had several inquiries from readers regarding which life insurance is the best option for them. Instead of answering each question individually, I opted to write this post. By the end of this short read, you should have the answers to the following 2 questions: Do you need life insurance? Should you get “term” or “whole” life insurance? Hint: You should ALMOST NEVER buy whole life insurance.
Where’s The Beef?
In an effort to advance sick care and biomedical innovation, we are seeing the growth and development of many programs and platforms offering education and resources.
Cardiologist Inventor Lives What He Preaches
When a family member suffered a heart attack, Dave Albert, MD, took a leave of absence from medical school in pursuit of an engineering degree.
5 Myths about Doctors Our Society Believes
How rich do you feel when you are 36 years old, just starting your first real doctor’s job, with half a million dollar worth of student loans at 7% interest rate with capitalization of interest accrued over your 7 years of residency training? You also just moved for the job, have no house, no money in retirement accounts, and your car is 20 years old?
Is BIG MEDICINE Coopetition The Answer For Small Medicine?
As BIG MEDICINE gets bigger, the state of private practice is precarious and faces several existential threats. Regulatory, legal, and IT mandates that don't work for small medicine further add to the burden.
11 Reasons Why There Are Unnecessary Medical Visits
It is estimated that about a third of US sick care spending is due to waste or unnecessary medical interventions.
Zambia Offers the Perfect Combination of Adrenaline Rush and Quieter Thrills
Whether you're looking for an adrenaline-filled vacation or quieter times in the safari, Zambia, Africa is the place to be.
Average Physician Compensation Jumps 3.1%, But Salaries Aren't Thriving
The average physician compensation has increased by 3.1% in 2015 – following a 2.8% average increase in 2014.
Don't Skip Whale Watching If You're Visiting Canada
The Saguenay-St. Laurence Marine Park, Tadoussac, Canada, offers exciting whale watching within a two to three-hour drive of Québec City – and you don't want to miss it.

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