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You're a Physician, Not a Day-Trader
You're a Physician, Not a Day-Trader
Day-trading sounds exciting, but unless you have a very good grasp on what you're doing, you stand a great chance of losing big.
Make Your Financial Decisions Based on Evidence
Most important decisions should be based on the evidence. The sad truth is, in the financial world people don't make their decisions the evidence.
Across the Great Plain of Poland, Part 2: Saints and Science
A journey across Poland's plains leads the Andersons to the hometown of Nicolaus Copernicus, who offended the church and endangered his own life when he discovered that the earth revolved around the sun.
Can Your Patients Make an APPointment?
Mobile apps are now a part of everyday life and commerce. Unfortunately, like many business processes, medical practice mobile apps are few and far between and often ineffective.
The 12 States with the Most Dangerous Weather
The start of the holiday travel season came with its share of ice storms and winter weather. These 12 states have the most dangerous weather, according to government statistics.
Get Great Discounts on Today's Cyber Monday Travel Deals
Travel companies have jumped on the Cyber Monday bandwagon, offering discounts—some as much as 40% off—on resorts, city hotels, adventure tours, and more.
Physician Takes Patients to Market, Commits to Healthier Lifestyle
Joseph Barry, MD, visits his local farmer’s market at least twice every month. He does so for reasons beyond his own preference for healthy eating. That’s where he greets many of his patients.

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