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Across the Great Plain of Poland, Part 1: To Wrocklaw and Poznan
Across the Great Plain of Poland, Part 1: To Wrocklaw and Poznan
It would appear that any part of North America which hopes to do well in the most modern of clean industries, tourism, suffers if all it has to offer the tourist is a great plain of featureless terrain. Poland, however, does not need to create museums across its great central lowlands, European history has already done that.
10 Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself
Asking yourself the right questions is an important first step for leaders who want to grow personally and professionally. Here are 10 questions to get you started.
With Long-Term Care, a Little Financial Planning Goes a Long Way
A large percentage of Americans will need long-term care at some point in their lives. But many are unprepared for the financial burden of that care.
A Tale of Two Cities of Poor Health: Shocking Effects on Disability Insurance
Sometimes, individual coverage isn't the answer. Sometimes, your best answer is not through a financial advisor or an insurance agent.
How CIOs Can Support the Delivery of Customer-Centric Healthcare
As healthcare-related data breaches increase, chief information officers (CIOs) at healthcare facilities around the country are faced with a significant challenge – ensuring that patients and physicians have access to the data they need while at the same time protecting that data from falling into the wrong hands.
Terrorism and Travel: How to Stay Safe
As the recent attacks in Paris remind us, no place is safe from terrorism. Yet as travelers we can take precautions that can help to keep us safer and, in critical situations, there are resources to obtain crucial information and to communicate with loved ones.
Maximizing the Benefits of Taking on Risk
When Congress eliminated Medicare’s sustainable growth rate formula earlier this year, many believed it meant, among other things, an increase in the number of accountable care organizations. For practices joining these ACOs, that means taking on additional risk.

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