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The 12 States with the Most Dangerous Weather
The 12 States with the Most Dangerous Weather
The start of the holiday travel season came with its share of ice storms and winter weather. These 12 states have the most dangerous weather, according to government statistics.
Get Great Discounts on Today's Cyber Monday Travel Deals
Travel companies have jumped on the Cyber Monday bandwagon, offering discounts—some as much as 40% off—on resorts, city hotels, adventure tours, and more.
Physician Takes Patients to Market, Commits to Healthier Lifestyle
Joseph Barry, MD, visits his local farmer’s market at least twice every month. He does so for reasons beyond his own preference for healthy eating. That’s where he greets many of his patients.
Why Doctors Have Lost the Public Trust
Today, public confidence in the US healthcare system is low, with only 23% expressing a great deal or quite a lot of confidence in the healthcare system. Doctors share much of the blame.
The PMD Critical List: The Doctor Who Took on the NFL
A largely unknown doctor whose research into football-related brain damage made international headlines is now getting a moment in the spotlight. That story tops this week’s PMD Critical List. Also on the list: Applause for first responders in Paris, and a call for lawyers to work more closely with physicians.
The Indiana Medical History Museum: A Short Summary
A jewel in the rough is being transformed into a diamond surrounded by pearls in Indianapolis. The Indiana Medical History Museum, housed in the oldest freestanding pathology building in the country, is also on the National Register of Historic Places.
Young British Doctors Striking While Tempers Are Hot
A strike of young physicians in Britain exposes faultlines in the country's National Health Service. But the relationship between the British and their universal health program is complicated.

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