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G. Richard Olds: Working with Foreign Governments to Improve Conditions Locally
As one of the leading educational institutions on the island of Grenada, St. George's University plays a unique role not only in helping the students that come to the school to learn but also those who have already called the island home.
Whether medical students learn their craft at the most established institutions or newer schools around the world their ultimate goal is the same, to help the patient in front of them when they enter practice.
As an international university St. Geroge's can take their own route when it comes to preparing their students while still abiding by some of the traditions of other schools in the United States.
Located on the island of Grenada St. George's University has made a name for itself as one of the top international medical schools providing doctors to the United States.
Should cardiac rehab be standard for patients who've had a heart attack. If so, how long should it last? A Dutch study found a year was about right.
Apheresis, the blood-filtering treatment used to remove cholesterol, appears to work for patients whose angina cannot be alleviated with drugs or surgical interventions researchers said today.
Simple preventive measures like reducing cholesterol and blood pressure should cut the risk of heart disease deaths and hospitalizations by up to 90%, an analysis found.
At the European Society of Cardiology Congress 2016 (ESC), Sigrun Halvorsen, MD, Oslo University discussed the results of her study which analyzed the bleeding rates among NVAF patients who were prescribed anticoagulants.
Adding a PCSK9 inhibitor to apheresis therapy worked so well in reducing LDL in patients with familial hypercholesterolemia that two-thirds of the patients stopped getting apheresis.

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