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Perspectives: Remove Language Barriers to Ensure Best Patient Care
In a perspectives piece published in the April 2015 issue of JAMA Internal Medicine, physicians from Montefiore Medical Center in New York City underscored the importance of removing language barriers.
Pain in the Neck? FDA Updates Epidural Steroid Injections Guidelines
With the increasing number of patients turning to epidural steroid injections for pain relief, specialists with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Safe Use Initiative gathered specialists to improve the procedure.
Distinguishing Between Pneumonitis and Pneumonia: When Antibiotics Become Fatal
To prescribe or not to prescribe? – That is the question that practitioners face regarding antibiotics. While they can be extremely beneficial, the medication proved to be the deadly approach for one patient.
Q&A With David Holtzman, MD, FAAN: Treating Alzheimer's Disease Beyond the Patient
For patients with Alzheimer's Disease, as their condition worsens it often falls on other members of their family to make decisions about their course of treatment. What they are expected to do and how they make certain decisions can have long lasting impacts on the care of the people with the disease.
Q&A With David Holtzman, MD, FAAN: Screening for Alzheimer's Before Symptoms Develop
One of the main focus points in the treatment of Alzheimer's Disease is screening patients before they even show symptoms of the condition. This is a part of the process that also includes looking to develop new treatments that could be used in the future.
Q&A With David Holtzman, MD, FAAN: Diagnosing Alzheimer's Disease
While Alzheimer's Disease is not a new condition, finding a treatment has been elusive even as more is learned about it. Part of the diagnosis involves knowing what to look for beyond tests of cognition and other aspects of a patient's life.
Sleep Disorders Common in Sickle Cell Disease
A study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine found 44 percent of adults with sickle cell disease also experience sleeping difficulties.

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