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Surgeons and podiatrists debate the best management approach for adolescent hallux valgus (bunions), a condition that occurs in up to 30% of adolescents. Conservative management (including footwear modifications, orthotics, and analgesia) rarely prevents progression. But surgery (a general term that includes more than 100 different procedures) has been associated with a high likelihood of post-surgery recurrence or deformity.
It may be cool to sip on a Coca-Cola that features your name right on the product, but a report that’s been making the rounds details the metabolic roller coaster ride that drinking even a single can unleash on the body.
Results from a recent study showed that elevated levels of inflammatory markers were strongly associated with delirium in post-surgical patients.
The doctor-patient relationship is critically important, yet the intermittent nature of the relationship often makes it difficult to make meaningful connections. These 9 tips can help facilitate better relationships.
With value-based healthcare becoming more prominent doctors are having to change the way they approach their practice. Whether it is the way they treat their patients or their ability to work as independent practitioners, there are many questions physicians need to answer on a daily basis.

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