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Swapnil Rajpathak from Merck: Why Do Some Patients See a Delay in Intensification of Diabetes Care
As patients with diabetes progress throughout their lives there may be a need to increase treatment to help manage their symptoms. A recent study looked at how likely patients are to intensify their treatment and what that can mean for their care.
With a new armamentarium of medications, procedures, and operations patients with any number of cardiac conditions are seeing their quality of lives improve dramatically for considerably longer.
As the field of cardiology advances new procedures are being developed to help patients in more effective methods. The SCOUT trial looked at one potential treatment to help patients with tricuspid regurgitation.
Gastric bypass may be one of the most common solutions in the weight loss struggle, but there is also work being done to find less invasive options as well.
Pancreatitis is a serious problem which can lead to more dangerous health conditions if not treated properly. Because of this, work is being done to help catch the problem early.
Patients with diabetes face many challenges over the course of a day, not the least of which is ensuring their blood glucose levels stay in a safe range. Technological advances have helped make this an easier obstacle to overcome.
While technology is helping patients with diabetes improve their quality of life there is only so much that technology and their health care providers can do for them. In many ways a patient can and must now play a larger role in their overall care.
With so many patients dealing with diabetes on a daily basis the burden of trying to help can be too much for even the biggest and most advanced companies. By working together they can not only reach more patients but also provide a higher level of care.
Diabetes may have its roots in endocrinology but in recent years it has proven to be an issue affecting specialities across medicine. Because of that it takes more than one specialist to provide the best possible care for patients with the condition.

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