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How CIOs Can Support the Delivery of Customer-Centric Healthcare
As healthcare-related data breaches increase, chief information officers (CIOs) at healthcare facilities around the country are faced with a significant challenge – ensuring that patients and physicians have access to the data they need while at the same time protecting that data from falling into the wrong hands.
When Congress eliminated Medicare’s sustainable growth rate formula earlier this year, many believed it meant, among other things, an increase in the number of accountable care organizations. For practices joining these ACOs, that means taking on additional risk.
If you find yourself nodding in agreement too much when you hear things about the state of medicine, put a space between the stimulus and the response and consider these 10 points.
Using automated, digitized pattern recognition in medicine is evolving from a decision support tool to a standalone tool. Once again, advances in technology are rapidly outpacing the legal, regulatory, and socioeconomic rules affecting adoption and penetration of the big pixel industry.
The long-awaited SPRINT trial not only included patients that are often left out of clinical studies, it also provided physicians with much-needed guidance on more effective blood pressure management strategies.
Patients interact with disparate elements of the Sick Care system at differing levels of intensity and motivation. They seem to evolve through a series of stages of involvement.
Evaluating pain in children can be challenging, in part because of communication challenges with very young children. Due to this and other factors, children’s pain is often underestimated and under-treated.

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