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Infections, Not Antibiotics Spark Pediatric Psoriasis Risk
The risk of developing psoriasis can be attributed to infections, not antibiotic use.
Researchers have revealed the discovery of a new gene that allows bacteria to become resistant to colistin, considered the “last line of defense” to antibiotic resistance.
Researchers have developed a method to screen for hepatitis C using a urine test that is faster and cheaper than traditional blood tests.
In the past patients with alcoholic liver disease may not have been considered viable options for liver transplants. A recent study looked at whether an artificial device could help these patients return to a normal quality of life.
Mobile applications can significantly aid in treatment for gastrointestinal conditions.
It may be the second most common genotype of hepatitis C but for patients diagnosed with genotype 3 it is also proving to be considerably harder to treat than genotype 1 which has a cure rate near 90%.
Several prior studies have noted that Roux-Y gastric bypass surgery often leaves patients with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, but new research from Switzerland indicates that different flavors of the procedure expose patients to greatly different risks.

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