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Why I Became A Concierge Medicine Doctor
Why should primary care physicians consider the concierge model of medicine? The question should really be rephrased: Why shouldn't they?
Energy drinks are the popular drink of choice for teens, particularly when seeking that “extra kick” needed to stay awake.
A new analysis of cohort study data estimates the average annual cost of caring for children with chronic pancreatitis or acute recurrent pancreatitis in the US now approaches $50,000.
New York’s citywide efforts increased the cost of colorectal cancer screening rates.
The European Commission has approved expanded use of a Bristol-Myers Squibb hepatitis C drug to include patient populations with decompensated cirrhosis, HIV-1 coinfection and post-liver transplant recurrence of the virus.
It is now possible to accurately measure population growth rates of the gut microbiota of mammalian gastrointestinal tracts, according to findings published in the journal Nature Communications.
Visits to the gastroenterologist for pre-colonoscopy consultations could add to a slew of unnecessarily expensive procedural costs.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is urging dialysis providers to assess and improve infection control practices, in part because the agency has received an increased number of reports of newly acquired HCV infection among patients undergoing hemodialysis.
The effectiveness of dietary treatments could be influenced by the gut microbiota, according to findings published in Cell Metabolism.

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