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Spinal Injuries Impact Gut Microbiome
A team was able to demonstrate that spinal cord injury causes the relocation of some of the gut’s bacteria from sterile tissues to other locations throughout the body, and it appeared that these changes were linked to the activation of the immune system cells in the gut.
At AHA 2016, Poushali Mukherjea, PhD, Bristol-Myers Squibb, was proud to present with her team 12 abstracts bringing in new scientific data covering real world data and sub analyses from their pivotal trial ARISTOTLE.
A Polish research team concluded that there are two mortality models for patients with pneumonia being treated for Clostridium difficile infection. and recommended the exclusion of one antibiotic from pneumonia treatment in hospitals.
The MD Magazine editors rounded up the 10 best stories from November – did you read them all?
As the field of medical ethics continues to expand, its use can be seen in everything from general medical conditions to end of life considerations.
After a newspaper report found that less than 10 of Tennessee's thousands of HCV-positive prisoners were receiving treatment, two inmates sued the state. Now, prison officials are seeking a bit more help in battling the disease.
Just in time for Thanksgiving, a recent study notes that foodborne transmission of Clostridium difficile is a distinct possibility.
If you’re planning on chowing down on turkey this Thanksgiving (as you should), make sure to time your meal just right, because you may be well into a nap before the Cowboys-Redskins game kicks off.
Researchers from the University of North Carolina examined the gene expression and regulation in colon tissue from patients to better understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms that make up Crohn’s disease.

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