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Low-Calorie Diet? Add Zinc and Protein
A new article indicates that protein consumption promotes zinc bioavailability in patients on low energy diets. all participants were insulin resistant at baseline and zinc had the expected inverse associations with body fat percentage and fat-free mass index.
Measuring the hepatitis C virus (HCV) antigen in patients who are receiving protease inhibitors (PI) could provide an alternative to monitoring treatment response, according to a recent study.
Peter A. McCullough, MD, and Nicolaas Deutz, MD, PhD, discuss the role of exercise in the management of sarcopenia.
Nicolaas Deutz, MD, PhD, and Peter A. McCullough, MD, provide insight on the role of oral supplements for patients with chronic illness and malnutrition, specifically in older adults.
Researchers from Vanderbilt University used mice models in order to demonstrate the affects of zinc on the course of a C. difficile infection.
Gut microbiota can influence intestinal mast cells (MMC) activation through the ingestion of fat, according to findings published in Gastroenterology.
Researchers report there is evidence of a correlation between immune recovery and the behavior of a certain subset of gut bacteria in patients with HIV treated with antiretroviral therapy.
Patients experiencing pain from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) might find relief from an unlikely source.
According to findings published in Stem Cells, Intestinal homeostasis could be one of the mechanisms responsible for atypical celiac disease and colorectal cancer.

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