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Colorectal Cancer Patients Should Add Omega 3 to Their Diet
Dietary oily fish content and other omega 3 fatty acids can benefit patients suffering from bowel (colorectal) cancer, and even lower their risk of death.
Recent advances in the field of hepatitis C therapy has prompted the European Medicines Agency to update its guideline for designing clinical trials on investigational direct-acting antiviral drugs that target chronic infection of the virus.
Gastric bypass may be one of the most common solutions in the weight loss struggle, but there is also work being done to find less invasive options as well.
California delegation staff attending the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, OH have been struck by an outbreak of norovirus. The jokes were inevitable.
In addition to battling gastrointestinal conditions, patients suffering from ulcerative colitis (UC) also often have to deal with poor oral health.
The FDA has approved UltraShape Power (Syneron Medical Ltd) for non-invasive reduction of abdominal circumference through fat cell destruction.
Once hepatitis C is cured, patients' risk for portal vein hypertension drops – along with the accompanying complications.

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