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Sjögren's Syndrome Foundation Releases First Rheumatology Guide for Disorder
Saying the Guidelines fill a “significant clinical void,” the organization celebrated awareness of the rheumatic condition with a series of stringently approved recommendations for its treatment.
There may not be a lot known about population medicine across the medical community but those involved believe as more is known about the specialty the more benefit it can provide for doctors and patients alike.
At the American College of Cardiology's annual meeting in Chicago the opening discussion in front of thousands of the top doctors across the country focused on a developing specialty aimed at improving patient health in non-traditional ways.
It has become increasingly common for patients having experienced as few as three episodes of diverticulitis to opt for colectomy. A study examines the efficacy of younger, less frequent sufferers receiving the surgery earlier than guidelines typically recommend.
While many physicians recommend weight loss in advance of bariatric surgery, and many insurance provides require it, a wide-ranging study suggests that the benefits of such preparatory dieting may actually be negligible.
Studies conflict as to whether bilateral simultaneous total knee arthroplasty can be as safe and effective as staged procedures, though researchers believe it may be suitable for some patient populations.
As low testosterone becomes a more accepted condition to treat patients are finding the help they need through a variety of options.
In the past patients with low testosterone may not have wanted to admit that they need help from their medical professionals.
Formerly known as alternative or complimentary medicine, integrative medicine is a new venture in the field aiming to bring together the best of traditional care and other approaches to help patients in a variety of specialties.

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