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“Hookworm Soup” a Potent Asthma Solution?
Hookworms aren't the common affliction that they once were, at least in the developed world, but asthma prevalence is growing. A new study winks at a correlation, suggesting that a protein in the pesky parasites may treat asthma.
A review of studies concludes that switching psoriatic arthritis patients who have stopped responding to one tumor necrosis factor inhibitor (TNFi) to another will likely reduce their symptoms, but the effectiveness of each new medication will likely be less than each former medication.
At IDWeek 2016, Mark Murphy, DO, Advocate Children's discussed his team's quality improvement project to improve the HPV vaccine completion rates in pediatric patients, which is an "ongoing national issue".
A large registry study has found that short bouts of atrial fibrillation (AF) are not associated with any adverse events and, therefore, may not require anticoagulation or any other treatment.
Jason Roberts, The University of Queensland, Australia, has observed "suboptimal outcomes" in patients whereby they end up failing treatments or even need relatively long courses of treatment, which he attributes to the idea that healthcare professionals aren't using the right doses of antibiotics.
The technologies of texting, phone apps, and social media are being applied to asthma self-management programs for adolescents to enhance adherence to medication and effective response to symptoms.
For patients living a sedentary lifestyle, adding a little extra physical activity can go a long way in improving their overall health.
There have been many times where exercise has been shown to be important in a person's life. This is especially true for people with diabetes in order to best manage their symptoms.
Robert G. Micheletti, MD, provides an overview of hidradenitis suppurativa, including symptoms and quality of life issues.

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