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Strokes Have Measurable Impact on Survivors' Spouses
Even as many as seven years following a stroke, the spouses of stroke survivors experience a reduced health-related quality of life
New York City-based researchers reported that a leadless cardiac pacemaker (Nanostim/St. Jude Medical) implanted non-surgically via a catheter through the femoral vein had a better safety record than conventional devices. But it has other limitations.
The stress of working long hours is more likely to lead to a stroke than a heart attack, UK researchers report.
The first real-world study of its kind revealed that rivaroxaban, marketed as Xarelto, can reduce the risk of stroke and major bleeding in patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) – a group that is five times more likely to suffer a stroke compared to the general population.
Research has established that various parts of the trigeminal system are responsible for peripheral symptoms of migraine. Treatment with corticosteroids reduces the symptoms of migraine, but the treatment is associated with long-term side effects.

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