Polycystic Ovary Syndrome


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Terhi Piltonen, MD, PhD | Credit: Oulu University Hospital
Women with PCOS May Face Increased Mortality Risk, Study Finds

June 20th 2023

An ENDO 2023 analysis of data suggests women with PCOS were at a 47% greater risk of mortality relative to their counterparts without the common endocrine disorder.

Woman experiencing abdominal pain caused by polycystic ovary syndrome
In PCOS without Obesity, Metformin Plus Contraceptives Could Be More Beneficial than Contraceptives Alone

February 17th 2023

Woman with PCOS
PCOS Can Present Differently Based on Geographic Region, Study Finds

October 11th 2022

Child in the hospital.
Maternal Exposure to PCOS Increases Risk of Childhood Hospitalizations

July 14th 2022

Heart floating above a pair of hands.
PCOS Increases Risk for Cardiovascular Complications During Delivery

June 22nd 2022

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