Traumatic Brain Injury

High Variability Found in Mortality from Traumatic Brain Injuries

August 04, 2020


Approximately 5% of the 13,000 TBI patients examined died during the course of the study.

Telehealth Helps Traumatic Brain Injury Patients Recover Communication Skills

August 01, 2020


A telehealth group showed better outcomes than an in-person training group for some variables of communication skills for individuals who suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Better Screening Needed for Pediatric Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries

July 21, 2020


Symptom provocation did not meaningfully alter the diagnostic sensitivity and specificity that is relative to more easily obtained pretests symptom ratings.

MRI Technique Could Help Diagnose CTE

June 23, 2020


Currently, there is not an approved test for CTE in living patients.

Biomarkers Predict Problems Associated With Traumatic Brain Injury

May 28, 2020


Healthcare experts can intervene earlier to help lessen the overall effects of concussion over time.

Dementia Risk Linked to Traumatic Brain Injury History

May 15, 2020


Investigators discover Veterans are not at a higher risk of developing dementia than civilians.

Repetitive Head Impacts Linked to Early Mortality Increase in NFL Players

May 13, 2020


More studies are needed to discover the true impact of head impacts, not just concussions, for athletes.

Post-Concussion Decisions Impact Recovery Time for Athletes

April 07, 2020


Those who immediately stop playing a sport following a concussion show higher neurocognitive scores a week following the injury than those who continue to play.

CDC Study Shows Increase in Fall-Related Traumatic Brain Injury Deaths

March 12, 2020


According to a new report, males and older individuals are more susceptible to fall-related traumatic brain injury deaths.

Blue Light Therapy Reduces Depressive Symptoms From Traumatic Brain Injuries

March 03, 2020


Preliminary data shows blue therapy results in a significant decline in raw depression scores when compared to a placebo.