Volume 3 Issue 1

Signs for Optimism as Health Care Transitions to the Future

March 30, 2012

Cover Story

Amidst the doom and gloom that pervades discussions about health care finances and the bleak reimbursement environment in which many practitioners operate, one New Jersey physician entrepreneur is using technology to build a home care practice that produces improved outcomes for patients and a better quality of life for physicians. Alan Faustino, MD, of NJR Healthcare talks about the importance of high-quality transitional care, the need for physicians to be proactive in confronting the challenges facing their profession, and why home health care may hold the key to designing more innovative approaches to health care delivery.

Cancer Doctor's Discovery Impacts Life and Practice

March 30, 2012

Feature Article

Stephen Iacoboni is not an average physician. But his uniqueness has little to do with being a practicing medical oncologist or with being the director of a cancer center for nearly three decades. Rather, what draws attention to Iacoboni, co-medical director of the Kennewick General Hospital Hematology-Oncology program in Kennewick, Wash., is his interest in spirituality.

Napoleon's Prison on Elba

March 30, 2012

Travel and Leisure

The island of Elba lies about seven miles off the west coast of Italy. It is the country's third largest island after the more substantial islands of Sicily and Sardinia. As part of the land mass once connecting the Italian peninsula with Corsica to the west, the island is 400 million years.

Can Red Meat be Part of a Healthy Diet?

March 30, 2012

Cooking and Dining

Over the past four decades, red meat has gotten a bad rap. Consumption of beef, pork, and lamb has been linked with poor cholesterol scores and increased risk of breast, colon, and rectal cancers as well as diabetes and a host of other chronic diseases. The conventional wisdom has, however, lumped all red meats into a single group and arrived at a blanket judgment that eating any red meat is equally harmful.