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January 2010

What Are Your Lawsuit Risks? Choosing the Right Asset Protection Plan for You

April 15, 2010


The specific structure of an asset protection plan must involve a consideration of the details particular to your situation. A plan that works well for one person may be completely wrong for another. For example, the income tax and estate tax benefits of a plan must be efficiently tuned based on your age, income, accumulated wealth, and your family dynamics. The types of assets that you own can also make a big difference in the planning.

In Our Brave New World, Health 2.0 Is Changing How Physicians Communicate with Patients

March 19, 2010

Feature Articles

The boom of social networking should make it easier for physicians and patients to communicate with one another. But reimbursement, liability, and privacy concerns are getting in the way. How can these obstacles be overcome? Read on.