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September 2008

Opiophobia and Incompetent Pain Management in America

September 09, 2008

Cover Story

Untreated, severe, persistent pain is common in the United States, with virtually every chronic medical condition accompanied by intractable pain. A partial list of chronic conditions causing chronic pain is below.

Partners Against Pain's Pain Management Kit

September 09, 2008

Feature Articles

A national survey of 1,000 chronic pain sufferers commissioned by Purdue Pharma, LP revealed that half of all American households have a family member suff ering from chronic pain resulting from a specific illness.

TechSectors: Device - Spinal Cord Stimulation

September 08, 2008

Tech Sectors

In 1967, Shealy and colleagues published the first report on spinal cord stimulation (SCS) in humans. The first spinal cord stimulators were placed intrathecally via open laminotomy.