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February 2010

Tech Talk: Want to Go Green? Start By Powering Down Your PC

May 27, 2010


Earth Day (April 24) is coming soon. No matter how you feel about Al Gore, melting ice caps, and baby polar bears, going green can be good for your practice. Being green does not require you to hug a tree or eat tofu; it simply means that you are being efficient, saving money, and reducing your business's carbon footprint.

Social Media Notebook: 1.0 and 2.0 Communication Are Both Needed in Today's World

March 09, 2010


My daughter's school has a cool e-communication system, which they love; they post everything on it, from the monthly calendar to grades. The problem is that the school didn't bother to clue in the freshman (or their parents) about this fancy system; early in the year, many important events and announcements were missed, such as back-to-school night, H1N1 clinics, and due dates of forms. There was an orientation and a huge packet sent home, and the kids all have a homeroom, so one would think that somewhere in one of these venues, this system would have been highlighted. They even could have gone old school and sent home a newsletter.