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July 2009

Bonus or Bogus? Are federal funds for health IT a true stimulus, or merely a stopgap?

July 31, 2009

Feature Articles

What do physicians really think about the HITECH act, health IT stimulus incentives, and the government’s new role in their lives? Using the power of social media, we did a little research and asked MDNG readers to share their opinions, concerns, and advice.

Hot Topic: The AMA vs. Sermo

July 31, 2009


Sermo.com CEO Daniel Palestrant recently proclaimed that the AMA no longer speaks for US physicians, and that now is the time to “turn to entities like Sermo where physicians are establishing a new voice to collectively discuss the future of our profession.”

The Ultimate Balancing Act

July 28, 2009

Feature Articles

The story of how journal editors, the clinical research community, and Big Pharma managed to work together to protect the public health, ensure the continued advance of medical science, and safeguard vital intellectual property.