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October 2009

App Wrap

December 12, 2009


The iTunes App Store offers an ever-expanding collection of iPhone and iPod touch applications that are specific to medicine. When we wrote this feature, there were 58 pages of 20 apps each-that's nearly 1,200 apps! To give you an idea of how quickly the list is growing, consider that more than 200 apps were added between October 1 and October 23! With so many apps from which to choose, where do you start? Enter, App Wrap, our way of helping sort through it all. You're welcome.

Physician's Money Digest: Doctors: Be Proactive when You Negotiate Reimbursement Fees

December 11, 2009


When it comes to negotiating fees with health plans, practices and physicians have more leverage than they realize. The problem, says John Schmitt, a managed care expert with Ethos Partners Healthcare Management Group,is that practices often don't even try.

Tech Talk: Nothing Is Ever Simple with Windows

December 11, 2009


It seems to me that Microsoft is hell-bent on driving its customers straight into the arms of its chief competitor, Apple, Inc. Microsoft engineers do this by making the software upgrade process excessively complex and difficult for the average non-techie user.

Security Rules Put Providers on Notice

December 10, 2009

Feature Articles

HITECH says covered entities must be able to monitor and record every time that patient data is accessed, enabling the entity to comply with the new notification requirements should unauthorized access occur. Will the new rules end up restricting the efficient exchange of data that is crucial to providing high-quality healthcare?